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Mimic in a sentence

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Synonym: apecopycopycatimitatemimemockparrotSimilar words: atomicanemicIslamicdynamicpandemicgimmickdynamicsamicableMeaning: ['mɪmɪk] n. someone who mimics (especially an actor or actress). v. imitate (a person or manner), especially for satirical effect. adj. constituting an imitation. 
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(1) The computer model is able to mimic very closely the actions of a golfer.
(2) He could mimic all the teachers' accents.
(3) She was a splendid mimic and loved to imitate Winston Churchill.
(4) The symptoms of hyperventilation can mimic all the symptoms of anxiety and chronic stress.
(5) Neural networks are computer systems which mimic the workings of the brain.
(6) She could mimic her father perfectly.
(7) The computer doesn't mimic human thought; it reaches the same ends by different means.
(8) One of my brothers is a wonderful mimic.
(9) This parrot is an amazing mimic.
(10) Designing silicon chips to mimic human organs sounds fanciful.
(11) He could mimic anybody.
(12) She learned to mimic at the age of five.
(13) Europe should not try to mimic Japan: we have to find our own path to successful modernisation.
(14) In a mirage the desert will mimic a lake.
(15) The robot was programmed to mimic a series of human movements.
(16) Mimic only the language helper[Sentence dictionary], not the supervisor or a fellow student.
(17) Firstly, why should a voluntary arrangement have to mimic an Administration Order?
(18) Their obsequious praise demands a rebuttal; because really, Mimic is pretty mediocre, even for a B-movie.
(19) But some edible insects mimic the bright coloration to throw off their enemies.
(20) The company always sues those who mimic them, and almost always wins.
(21) Her brush strokes mimic the uncertainty.
(22) The selective pressure is on all pathogens to mimic the passwords of their hosts.
(23) Why do we not mimic the professionals or their caddies in other areas of the game?
(24) And, as gifted mimic, Boswell could roll out the magisterial Johnsonian cadences.
(25) Guillermo del Toro, who previously directed a creepy-crawly little movie called Cronos, can accomodate you with Mimic.
(26) In the valleys, you find a darker green of trees and the euphorbias that mimic our cactuses.
(27) When donned, it crumbles to dust, but it confers the skills Charm, Mime, Mimic and Seduction.permanently.
(28) The parasites can fight back, with a range of eggs that mimic those of their chosen host.
(29) Beginning this year the water-flow into the park will try to mimic nature.
(30) As far as the models have come, they have not yet man-aged to mimic the earth satisfactorily.
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