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Stealthily in a sentence

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Similar words: healthwealthwealthyhealthyhealthcaresteadilystealalthoughMeaning: adv. in a stealthy manner. 
1. Stealthily we approached the enemy's camp.
2. He crept stealthily along the corridor.
3. The thief stealthily stole into the house.
4. Slowly and stealthily, someone was creeping up the stairs.
5. She crept stealthily along the corridor.
6. I heard my landlady creeping stealthily up to my door.
7. I steal out of bed and creep stealthily to the main room for an unimpeded look at the row of windows.
8. Moving through the rooms stealthily, he searches the house for the kit Skeeter must use to fix Jill with.
9. Then, holding her own breath and moving stealthily on tiptoe, she began to ease her way towards the exit.
10. There was a figure there, sidling along stealthily with its back against one wall.
11. She led him stealthily up the path Rodomonte had taken to the summit.
12. He moved stealthily through the darkness, making his way cautiously towards the jetty.
13. The drape billowed and a tiny figure crept stealthily out, a blowpipe raised to its hideous lips.
14. He moved stealthily to the bedroom, to the wardrobe close to his bed.
15. The cat was creeping stealthily through a patch of long grass towards the foot of the largest tree.
16. Mr. Arnault used equity swaps to stealthily build up his initial stake in Herm?s over the past several years, a move that caused the AMF to open an investigation last month into LVMH's move.
17. On it came - on, silently and stealthily, to the bed's head.
18. Cabbages, caraways, radishes , all emerged stealthily , afraid of lagging behind.
19. Then we went to the Japanese house and stealthily put it on the gate.
20. She went stealthily as a cat through this profusion of growth.
21. They peeped out stealthily from a corner of the wall.
22. The sun had set and dusk, like some nocturnal beast, had crept out of hiding and was stealthily licking its paws.
23. Some banks, such as the Woolwich, have even been stealthily decreasing rates on savings accounts.
23. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
24. As night falls the houses light up one by one, and smugglers move stealthily about in the moonlight.
25. Direct debits or standing orders are liable to make money disappear from your account stealthily, which may be very confusing.
26. From it in the early dawn two young men came and stealthily found their way to the temple.
27. Ethelberta breathed a sort of exclamation, not right out, but stealthily, like a parson's damn.
28. When bissextile earth wants censer and candlestick, I still laugh at him stealthily, think he always is idolatrous, when to forget.
29. The Chinese's marriage celebrates the dress influence as macroclimate of our country reforming and opening now, appearing stealthily the change of spot calumniate.
30. Faraway or nearby, he wants to guard her smile - Stealthily, secretly, deeply and all the time.
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