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Uniquely in a sentence

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Sentence count:159Posted:2017-01-10Updated:2017-01-10
Similar words: uniqueobliquelyiniquitytechniqueiniquitousbrusquelyfuelcruelMeaning: adv. so as to be unique. 
1. The UK, uniquely, has not had to face the problem of mass unemployment.
2. Her past experience made her uniquely suited to lead the campaign.
3. Each computer is uniquely specified by its serial number.
4. Satellites are uniquely suited to provide this information.
5. Hippos are uniquely vulnerable to drought.
6. He devised a way of coding every statement uniquely.
7. Uniquely among the great world religions, Buddhism is rooted only in the universal experience of suffering known to all human beings.
8. The company is uniquely positioned to compete in foreign markets.
9. We may describe uniquely any point in a plane by an ordered pair of numbers, called coordinates.
10. He was a uniquely gifted teacher.
11. She is uniquely suited to the job.
12. Its outlook will remain uniquely short-term, pragmatic, suspicious of grandiose institutional change.
13. He prospered in this country, plying a uniquely leisure-class trade,( ) and then expressed petty contempt for his hosts.
14. It still holds true that man is most uniquely human when he turns obstacles into opportunities. Eric Hoffer 
15. Thus the company is uniquely placed to sum up current interest in alternative fuels for diesel and petrol engines.
16. The problem isn't uniquely American.
17. The research shows that kids are uniquely vulnerable at different ages.
18. How fortunate we are - uniquely - to have this hardy annual event reappearing with each New Year.
19. Similarly, each page is uniquely numbered.
20. We first observe that T1 is uniquely optimal for the objective function because we would have.
21. We are in thrall to the uniquely Western illusion of cheating time by investing the temporal with immortality.
22. Media theories, as developed in the past, are uniquely national and ethnocentric.
23. Because of the extreme cold, the Antarctic is a uniquely fragile environment.
24. There is little doubt that Carey the storyteller, Kelly the narrator and the tale being told are uniquely well matched.
25. The office of prime minister is a lonely and uniquely stressful one, and most develop their own small circle of confidants.
26. Translation here must be indeterminate because no amount of evidence will guarantee that the translation we offer will be uniquely correct.
27. They represent the set of minimal units required to uniquely specify a word, with the exception of homophones.
28. Since then controversy has raged: Did she ruin something uniquely precious?
29. What, finally, is the vital, dynamic core of the community that gives it its uniquely distinctive character?
30. Issey Miyake continues to delight audiences at his beautiful shows by determining his own uniquely futuristic fashion logic.
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