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Varactor in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2023-09-25Updated:2023-09-25
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1. Development trend of Si varactor is summarized:ion implantation, to match capacitance during testing, integration, low voltage, super-miniaturization, SMD and wide application.
2. Then based on this design, varactor diode is adopted in the reconfigurable antenna, and continuous alteration of antenna pattern and gain is achieved.
3. Design and phase noise analysis of a MEMS varactor is presented.
4. A novel configuration of a MOS varactor is designed for good linearity of Kvco, as well as a new digital capacitor controlled array topology with lower parasitic capacitance and lower Ron.
5. A switched varactor array is proposed to suppress tuning gain fluctuation for the performance of the phase locked loop (PLL).
6. In this method, the capacitance of the varactor diode is changed by voltage.
7. The main production and sales varactor diode and integrated circuit IC.
8. Because of the loss resistance of varactor and the isolation of circulator, parasitic amplitude modulation exists in reflectionmicrowave linear phase modulator.
9. The other is using varactor diodes to cancel the nonlinearity of base - collector capacitance.
10. In this paper, a varactor VCO is introduced. By using the modification of varactor C V characteristic curve,[] the linearity of VCOs is improved obviouoly.
11. The C-V characteristic of the electronic timing varactor depends on the distribution of epitaxial impurity density.
12. We have made a varactor tuned bandpass filter and got a good agreement between the measured and theoretical results.
13. To sum up, the water ring vacuum pump is a pump chamber on the changes in volume to achieve suction, compression and exhaust, so it belongs to varactor -type vacuum pump.
14. In this paper, the design principles and methods of the super-abrupt junction GaAs varactor diode has been discussed.
15. The convertor consists of double-ridge wave-guide(, crossbeam structure and low-loss varactor diode.
16. The first capacitor and the second capacitor are designed as a first varactor and as a second varactor, respectively.
17. Through inductor optimization, the VCO has a low phase noise and a wide tuning range with switched capacitor array and NMOS varactor.
18. However, the basic physics limits the range of values that a varactor can be driven to, and the resulting circuit usually only has a range of about an octave.
19. There is such a thing as an RF VCO; they are usually designed using a component called a varactor, which is basically a voltage-controlled capacitor.
20. Gives an analysis on the non linearity in frequency modulation when a varactor modulates directly in a FM ranging fuze, and shows its influence on the precision of ranging.
21. A conventional MOS transistor is modified to an accumulation - mode MOS varactor.
22. It can be seen that the tuning range and the sensitivity of SOI varactor are influenced by gate oxide thickness, silicon film doping and silicon film thickness directly.
23. The frequency response may also be controlled by a low voltage micro sized varicap, or a varactor diode, and instantiated as a tuned, resonant matching filter network residing with the antenna module.
24. This paper reports the design and experiments of the low noise UHF electronic tuner consisting of a low noise dual-gate FET and a high merit silicon epitaxial varactor.
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