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Van allen in a sentence

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Sentence count:13Posted:2023-12-26Updated:2023-12-26
Similar words: ethan allenpanama canalhavanavanadylnirvanaspinal canalanalog signalinguinal canalMeaning: n. United States physicist who discovered two belts of charged particles from the solar wind trapped by the Earth's magnetic field (born in 1914). 
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1) Fleming is trying to figure out if Van Allen had any theoretical reason to suppose the military could use the Van Allen belts to attack a hostile nation.
2) A look at the Van Allen radiation belts was the second objective.
3) Peter Van Allen, a quick-thinking photographer, spotted a dramatic cloud image that looked like a "Dulux dog" snapping on a cold autumn afternoon above Portland Harbour in Dorset.
4) The Van Allen belts are composed of charged particles trapped by the earth's magnetic field.
5) In the lower Van Allen Belt, the proton intensity is about 20,( allen.html) 000 particles with energy above 30 MeV per second per square centimeter.
6) The Van Allen radiation belts that encircle our planet were temporarily eliminated, and huge numbers of protons and electrons were dumped into the upper atmosphere.
7) It was what we now call the Van Allen Belt.
8) The Van Allen belts are two doughnut-shaped rings of charged particles—one nestled inside the other—that encircle our planet.
9) Van Allen described how the Earth is surrounded by belts of high-energy particles -- mainly protons and electrons -- that are held in place by the magnetic fields.
10) Graphic designer Mr Van Allen said the cloud formed for just seconds because of high winds but he was able to quickly get the shot.
11) Explorer I carried instruments to measure temperatures, micrometeorite impacts, and an experiment designed by James A. Van Allen to measure the density of electrons and ions in space.
12) Explorer 1, the first satellite sent into orbit by the U. S. , discovered the innermost Van Allen radiation belt.
13) These devices are used in satellites that orbit the Earth within the Van Allen Radiation Belts and must be able to work in a continuous low-radiation environment.
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