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Transfer function in a sentence

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1, For simplicity, we have also omitted the transfer function and its first derivative in order to amplify the weight change process.
2, Transter Functions: The threshold, or transfer function, is generally nonlinear.
3, In this paper, optical transfer Function was used to describe the visual function of human eyes.
4, By theory analysis of divider transfer function of magnitude-frequency characteristics and phase-frequency characteristics, a new method equalizing stray capacitance could be conclude.
5, Whereas, the asymptotic transfer function analysis has advantage in this respect.
6, The transfer function of imaging system is modeled using the linear system theory and sampling theory, and the noise is characterized with the three-dimensional noise model.
7, The accurate measurement of seismometer transfer function is important to interpret and use of seismographic observation data.
8, However, in finding the solution of transfer function of block diagram, Mason Gain Formula can only be used after translating block diagram into signal flow graph.
9, Among these methods, the load transfer function method is an important one.
10, The transfer function synthesis for vehicles interior noise reduction is introduced.
11, A simple method of solving transfer function of mechanical system by mechanical impedance is proposed,[ function.html] which is similar to the method of complex impedance in electrical system.
12, A method for evaluating the optical transfer function (OTF) by the spectrum fitting is also presented.
13, Suppose now that s is replaced by in the transfer function.
14, Momentum's filter design product performs well; characteristic plot of a filter transfer function.
15, And a scheduling function will be needed to determine how often a processing element should apply its transfer function.
16, Suppose that an input signal with Fourier transform is applied to a four-terminal network for which the transfer function is.
17, For parallel connection by ports of linear, time-invariant and initial slack multi-terminal networks,( the effect on network transfer function is analyzed by using indefinite admittance matrix.
18, There exist three sampling methods according to the sampling objects: the transfer function sampling, the point-spread function sampling and the weighting function sampling.
19, Message transfer agents ( MTAs ) cooperate to perform the store - and - forward message transfer function.
20, Statistic approaches and power spectrum modeling are adopted to restore the images degraded by random medium. Atmospheric optical transfer function(OTF) based on statistic model is discussed first.
21, Therefore, it is feasible to analyze the bearing capacity of a large diameter single pile by three parameters load transfer function model of pile body and pile top and numerical iteration method.
22, First, the definition of principal systems is introduced, and a decomposition of a principal 2 D transfer function matrix into regular and completely singular parts is given.
23, Parameters of controller were tuned by comparing with corresponding coefficients of anticipant close - loop transfer function matrix.
24, The proposed synthesis method is based on the analytical solution of a biquad filter transfer function and the generation of 2 realizable transfer functions implemented using lossless integrators.
25, A simple photoelectric system is described in this paper. We choose the optimum diaphragm through measuring the optical transfer function with different dimensional double ringed diaphragms.
26, In addition, new ideas and methods hive been suggested in the formulation of the transfer function and in the solution of open-circuit impedance parameters.
27, The effectiveness and weakness of non - individualized compensation for transfer function are analyzed.
28, Parameters of controller were tuned by comparing with corresponding coefficients of an anticipant close-loop transfer function matrix.
29, This article analyzes the subway station object through model simulation, obtains its approximate transfer function.
30, Established the dynamic mathematical models of the hydraulic circuits mentioned above in transfer function method. Study on the tile press's work cycle's speed response characteristics.
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