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Thrips in a sentence

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Similar words: get to gripscome to gripsstrip-searchlithotripsystrip searchcome to grips withthricethriveMeaning: n. any of various small to minute sucking insects with narrow feathery wings if any; they feed on plant sap and many are destructive. 
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1 The species catalogue of thrips in Gansu is listed.
2 Acaribs and thrips are regarded as low-risk quarantining pests.
3 Aphids, mealy bug and thrips cause deformity in new growth. Treat with a diluted pesticide or remove pests by hand. Never use a soap-based insecticide.
4 Because of the harm of thrips ' to alfalfa, both production and quality decrease substantially.
5 And the relationship between thrips and its host plant is discussed.
6 Thrips tabaci Lindemau was a dominant pest species in both fields.
7 If aphids, thrips or other insects invade your rose bushes,( you may be able to force them off with just a strong spray of water.
8 The species of Thrips are less and population density is lowar in dwarf mountainous woodland.
9 Finally a key to species of thrips based on the morphological characters of adults in vegetables in Lanzhou was listed.
10 Only the third fossil thrips ever found, the woodland insect lived when Africa was part of a giant supercontinent called Gondwana.
11 Western flower thrips ( WFT ) ( Frankliniella occidentalis ) is a very dangerous pest around the world.
12 Thrips rasp through upper leaf cells to feed on plant sap, causing a silvering appearance.
13 Sticky traps for trapping and killing to have good result to the small insects, such as aphids, whitefly, Leafhopper, vegetable leaf miner, thrips, etc.
14 The paper studied and investigated the species of the thrips in alfalfa in the mid of Shaanxi province.
15 From 1991 to 1992, the author investigated the flower thrips in Kunming district.
16 The main monitoring targets were weevils in beginning period of the regrowth after winter, and aphids and thrips before the first harvest.
17 The insect which will cause the quite big losses in the economy will be the flowered thrips, the monitor thrips available yellow and the blue color oriental army worm board.
18 I didn't know when I was siting it that I had a thrips infestation nearby.
19 The serious losses of crops were engendered by Western flower thrips.
20 Store environmental colors from summer into late autumn, should also favour a more profound, and that the desirability of adopting green, green, Thrips , and other territories red colour.
21 Application: it is a systemic insecticide, with both contact and stomach action against sucking mouthparts pests such as plant hoppers, aphids, leafhoppers, thrips whitefly, ect.
22 In order to get good effectiveness of control with pesticides against Thrips palmi, the strategy of applying twice within 4 to 6 days was suggested.
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