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Stress-strain in a sentence

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1. In large-strain elasticity and in continuum mechanics the stress-strain law is non-linear and W is no longer a quadratic function of the strains.
2. A well suited numerical expression of the compressive stress-strain curve applicable to SFRC was put forward.
3. On the basis of mesomechanics, the complete stress-strain relation including linear elasticity, non-linear hardening, rapid stress drop and strain softening is obtained.
4. The tectonic stress-strain system of the Earth is a complex system, with some sudden changing in the non-reversible evolution.
5. Their compressive stress-strain curves are typically three-region curves, including elastic region, collapse region and densification region. And they show signally strain rate sensitivity.
6. When the surface braided angle is bigger, the stress-strain curve shows bilinear relation and tensile failure presents brittleness damage[], respectively.
7. The stress-strain relationship curve of the cement soil tends to soften, with an obvious peak point, it being mainly in a brittle failure state.
8. This paper suggests, in terms of the stress-strain curves, a nomographic method to measure the plastic stress by the strain-gage electrical logging method.
9. The study result shows that the stress-strain curve of MDF is no yielding point between the linear and the non-linear elasticity part.
10. By fatigue test of bolt material, the stress-strain life curve is obtained.
11. There are many various stress-strain curves for concrete materials subjected to monotonic tensive loading.
12. When it was tensile failure, the curve of stress-strain relationship was softening and the reinforcement only increased the angle of internal friction of soil.
13. Under this framework, the stress-strain relations are derived from a pseudo-elastic strain-energy density.
14. Using experimental stress-strain curves in various simple stress states, generalized effective stress-strain formulae may be derived correspondingly in various forms.
15. The permeability test of coal in the complete stress-strain process is carried on the MTS815 Servo-controlled Rock Mechanical Test System.
16. Next, it was indicated that the stress-strain characteristics of the high density till were nonlinear elastoplastic.
17. The modulus, modulus of elasticity in tension, or coefficient of elasticity is the ratio of the stress to the strain in the elastic region of the stress-strain diagram.
18. The modified removal method for measuring residual stress in thick pre-stretched aluminum plates is proposed and the stress-strain relation matrix is deduced by elasticity theory.
19. Thee water level in deep well can reflect variant stress-strain variations which are caused by tidal dilatation, air-pressure, seismic waves and so. on.
20. The model can well simulate the effect of initial anisotropy and induced anisotropy on the stress-strain response of normally consolidated and over consolidated clays.
21. By comparision, the increasing modulus enhanced the residual strengths more significantly than the peak strengths of soil, and the stress-strain behaviors of clayey soil were improved remarkablely.
22. This paper presents the odd function with four terms which can be used to make the curve fitting of the stress-strain for various materials precisely.
23. According to the different positions of neutral axis and stress-strain relationship of 3 kinds of materials, 9 failure modes are ascertained.
24. Using the temperature as the boundary condition field, the transient analysis of fiber coupler in the process of fused biconical taper was accomplished and stress-strain field was obtained.
25. The test results show that the fatigue property curve and the cyclic stress-strain curve of LZ50 axletree steel perfectly conform to double logarithm linear relationship.
26. Unfortunately, previous work rarely incorporated the effect of initial deviator stress on cyclic degradation behavior and dynamic stress-strain relationship of soft clay.
27. The results show that the method can be applied to strength behaviors and stress-strain characteristics of plastic foamed beads light soil.
28. Before the settlement of pneumatic caisson, many kinds of stress-strain gauges were installed on caisson and the surrounding foundation to record the variation during settlement.
29. Next, unloading-reloading cycles are repeated in constant loading rate test with Sanjome andesite and Inada granite; and unloading curves at many points along stress-strain curve are obtained.
30. So far there is no systematic, integrated application software which could be used to process the holograph (interference stripe pattern) of residual stress-strain field in welding.
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