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Eyestrain in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-08-17Updated:2017-08-17
Similar words: restrainrestraintrestrainedunrestrainedstrainstrainedstrainerconstrainMeaning: n. a tiredness of the eyes caused by prolonged close work by a person with an uncorrected vision problem. 
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1. It's sunglasses all round as our richly-coiffed Tory front benchers try to fight eye-strain caused by their chrome-domed pinko opponents.
2. If the physical lighting is acceptable, and the eye-strain persists, consult your medical practitioner or an ophthalmic optician.
3. The most commonly reported ailment among VDU operators is eye-strain.
4. Studying for a long time can also cause eyestrain.
5. This helps prevent eye fatigue and eyestrain.
6. Is it because of eyestrain?
7. Within about a week my eyestrain problems were gone.
8. Does the method that has had solve eyestrain?
9. A long time to wear glasses inappropriate, causing eyestrain , things look unclear(, resulting in a decrease visual acuity.
10. To get a cinematic experience without graininess or eyestrain, shop in the ranges at right.
11. Check for eyestrain by putting your hand to your forehead in a salute.
12. Symptoms of eyestrain include sore eyes and difficulty focusing, poor night vision, difficulty in focusing after concentrating on an object, headaches and sore, red inflamed and weeping eyes.
13. To reduce eyestrain, we are going to install anti - glare screens on all of the company's computers.
14. Check for eyestrain by putting your hand to your forehead a salute.
15. Read the contents of thinking, to avoid eyestrain to keep an eye on the numerous literally.
16. The ergonomics of the new office furniture have reduced eyestrain and back problems among the computer users.
17. Task lighting must be combined with general lighting - on its own, it could give you
18. On the downside, CRTs are very bulky, emit considerable electromagnetic radiation, and can cause eyestrain due to their refresh-induced flicker.
19. Research shows we blink far less often when staring at a computer, and that's a major contributor to eyestrain.
20. A few years ago I was starting to get a lot of eyestrain, to the point where I was being fitted for glasses with a very low focusing-like prescription.
21. Clerk: Yeah. Studying for a long time can also cause eyestrain. Make him do some eye exercises after studying, which would be really good for his sight.
22. It is especially designed for the people who have dark circle around eyes, wrinkles surrounding eyes, eyestrain and other problems.
23. Glare from surrounding lamps and lights can lead to eyestrain .
24. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends taking a break from your screen every half an hour to prevent repetitive motion disorder and eyestrain.
25. The home is an important forum, and are therefore the layout of the home page must be reasonable, not too fancy, people eyestrain .
26. Potential side effects of light therapy are rare and most often include jitteriness , a feeling of eyestrain and headache.
27. Despite its ability to offer full color and touch, LCD screens didn't set the e-reading market on fire because of their low battery life and the perceived issue of eyestrain.
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