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Statistical distribution in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-06-15Updated:2017-06-15
Similar words: distributionincome distributionstatisticalstatisticallystatistical methoddistributingstatisticstatisticsMeaning: n. (statistics) an arrangement of values of a variable showing their observed or theoretical frequency of occurrence. 
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1. The extremes of a statistical distribution represent unpredictably rare individual events, which have very low values of statistical probability.
2. Their ability to map a statistical distribution, however, works well only with large networks.
3. These damage parameters are related to statistical distribution of the multi - directional tomography spectra.
4. Following that the characteristics of statistical distribution of fuzzy point objects ar...
5. The statistical distribution of magnetic shear angle in the ascending phase of solar cycle 23.
6. A method to investigate the statistical distribution of semiconductor point-defects using the reaction-kinetics theory is proposed.
7. Under the condition of given data statistical distribution, a new algorithm for statistical classification and quick sorting was implemented.
8. The latter method uses the statistical distribution stable spectrum coefficient target discrimination, actually tests the average recognition rate 78%.
9. Finally the program will automatically statistical distribution of the various graphics.
10. This paper analyzes the statistical distribution of wave crest characteristics such as crest length, crest height, and directional angles based on numerical simulation of 3 D random waves.
11. After the final statistical distribution grade sample valuations,( the frequency of ore amount of industrial index proportion.
12. According to the Huang Kun's statistical distribution theory of phonons (1982), the phonon probability factors and the average numbers of phonons at 4.2K and 20K are exactly calculated.
13. Based on the measured data, the statistical distribution model and estimate value of statistical parameter were been obtained.
14. Thecrux of this dispute concerns the precise statistical distribution ofregions of different density.
15. Statistical distribution parameters are varied at different positions of mineralized bodies which reflects variation of mineralization intensity in the vertical extent.
16. The result shows that, by means of the intellective FD method, the shape of powder particle, the statistical distribution features can be quantitatively described.
17. This paper analyzes two important statistical indexes, vehicle flow and damage coefficient, and probes into the statistical distribution of random phenomena on superhighway.
18. Based on the questionnaire investigation on covering ratio of floors in different apartment units in several cities, presents the statistical distribution of covering ratio.
19. The theoretical distribution from model is consistent with the statistical distribution from E. M.
19. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
20. The random field models can be available in synthesizing the natural texture according to the statistical distribution of intensity of texture in space.
21. To ensure attendance, planning group did a lot of work not done before, such as the statistical distribution of professional dormitory, invited as a guest of the squad.
22. The irregularity of thermal motion and the collision of molecules are the physical foundation for the system to reach an equilibrium state and to set up a fixed statistical distribution.
23. The leather fibre state was quantized signifying by sample method and statistical distribution parameter.
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