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Side-by-side in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2018-01-30Updated:2018-05-25
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1) Side-by-side with the political philosophers was the work of the sociologists, represented in Britain most eminently by Ralf Dahrendorf.
2) All three plans are displayed side-by-side, providing a welcome overview and an idea of how they might meld.
3) The two pilots sat side-by-side in an enclosed cockpit, with a gangway between the seats and full dual control provided.
4) Twisted, blackened corpses lie side-by-side on a cold-looking concrete floor.
5) Looking as aerodynamic as a side-by-side Frigidaire , it still manages to cut through the air with relatively (note we said relatively) little wind noise due to its 0.35 coefficient of drag.
6) For signals routed side-by-side, forward crosstalk requires extremely long parallel runs to couple enough energy to cause circuit malfunction.
7) We see severe malnutrition and stunting side-by-side with obesity.
8) We sat side-by-side in the airport lounge, where we could look through the large windows at the baggage loading and refueling activity outside.
9) Moreover, by comparing applicants side-by-side, she says managers eliminate bias from their mood of the day or trouble from comparing a long-ago interview with one that occurred yesterday.
10) Mr Rodman and Mr Kim watched the game side-by-side,[] and did not need translators.
11) Rick and Lisa were on their stomachs, side-by-side, environmental suits adjusted to mimic the colors and textures of the area's fernlike ground cover.
12) Some managers like to do this sitting side-by-side, writing code!
13) In crisis situations, we work side-by-side with the World Food Programme and other humanitarian agencies to protect rural livelihoods and help people rebuild their lives.
14) Do you believe dinosaurs and humans literally lived side-by-side?
15) Typically, these would involve "side-by-side" organisational structures, intra-firm service level agreements, and agreements relating common branding, IT infrastructure and property assets.
16) Alexandra and Truett, Houston, TX.Ithaca 20-gauge side-by-side."Guns, like everything in my childhood home, were considered treasures and works of art."
17) Thai and Cambodian soldiers sit side-by-side on the Cambodian road that leads to the disputed ruins of Preah Vihear temple.
18) Every year races, such as the London, demonstrate how disabled and able-bodied athletes can compete side-by-side in the same competition.
19) It says the two complete kernels will be able to sit side-by-side on Windows systems and run their respective applications.
20) But in the Sakurai-Hung approach there is no unification of weak and electromagnetic interactions: both interactions exist side-by-side and are independent.
21) If you open both documents, you can compare them side-by-side using a split screen .
22) The principles of process, construction as well as mechanical design and its calculations of high speed spinning machine for PET/PA6 side-by-side ultra fine Filament yam are reviewed.
23) Singapore Airlines will send 10 personnel from various departments to work side-by-side with us, mainly in product development, sales and marketing, and treasury operations.
24) The policies can be hard to interpret, so Cohn and the EFF created a side-by-side comparison.
25) Duplex house : is a dwelling comprising two units either side-by-side . Often looks like two houses put together, sharing a wall appears as a townhouse, but with two different entrances.
26) A general design of digital twin-wire welding power supply was selected firstly, and two side-by-side IGBT full bridge converter main circuit structures were designed.
27) So the first step was to stub out the classes and methods with Eclipse and the specification open side-by-side.
28) For such customers, these offerings provide an excellent zero-cost basis to experiment with, side-by-side with their existing proprietary infrastructure.
29) Fox published televised speech with respect to aircraft accident incident, the tower of cater-cousin dimension Er that deep feeling of grief grieves over to ever fought side-by-side with oneself.
30) In the pair of examples above you can see side-by-side comparisons with my model Katie's face looking directly at the camera on the left and looking off to side on the right.
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