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Recrystallized in a sentence

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1 The product was recrystallized by non-polar or low-polar solvent.
2 The formation and development of the recrystallized cubic texture were affected by the inhomogeneity of the deformation structure and microstructure during cold rolling.
3 In addition, dynamically recrystallized grain size of friction stirred 5052 alloy is a key, significant microstructural refinement caused by the phenomenon of dynamic recrystallization.
4 Recrystallized microstructure and mechanical properties of cold worked brass annealed by electropulsing and routine annealing were studied.
5 The growth velocity for recrystallized grain is proportional to the driving force of recrystallization, which is determined by the grain boundary energy and dislocation density.
6 The wet filter cake was recrystallized from 650 ml methanol.
7 The results shown there were fiber zone, partially recrystallized zone, fine grain zone, coarse grain zone and unequilibrium microstructure zone in the as-welded joint.
8 Then they can be further recrystallized to biphenyl with a purity of over 99.9 %.
9 Recrystallized gypsum and a bit of quartz are main mineral composition.
10 Gold carrier minerals are fine-grained pyrite, recrystallized quartz aggregates, and ferrodolomite along foliations of mylonite.
11 TEM observation showed that the center of the adiabatic shear band (ASB) was composed of recrystallized nano-grains ( about 30-70 nm in diameter).
12 If the cold deformation rate is higher than 70 %,( the recrystallized grain size distribution agrees with lognormal distribution.
13 With the rise of solution temperature, the thickness of recrystallized layer increase.
14 It can be considered that the main reason for this occurrence is the carbide precipitation at boundaries of recrystallized martensite and ferrite grains.
15 Slow crystal formation gives quite pure crystals that probably need not be recrystallized for the optical activity studies.
16 With the decreases of deformation temperature and increases of deformation degree and deformation rate, the recrystallized grain size decreases and the recrystallization volume percent increases.
17 It is put forward that, diamond nucleation amount can be controlled by controlling the growth of recrystallized graphite during the preheating period.
18 The deformation of olivine and pyroxene in the rock is the recrystallized process from coarse to fine grain, the spinel has obvious dissolution, migration and reprecipitation.
19 In the present paper, both the process and new grain boundary of austenite recrystallized of 300M ultra high strength steel have been Oserved in-situ by means of high-temperature metalloscope and TEM.
20 Metallographic observation results showed that current pulse accelerates recrystallization, and decreases the size in diameter of grains fully recrystallized .
21 The square and rectangular patterns are derived from Divaricatic acid from Evernia divaricata (lichen), recrystallized from acetone.
22 Using double compression tests and applying the back-extrapolation method, a model has been established to predict the static recrystallized fraction of deformed austenite in the P510 steel.
23 The recovered crystals contain impurities deleterious to use of the product, and these crystals are, therefore, redissolved and recrystallized to enhance purity.
24 The crude dye is collected on a filter and then recrystallized from ethanol containing a small amount of piperidine.
25 Following the method outlined above will produce a fine-grained, fully recrystallized, press quenched product that demonstrates good strength and elongation.
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