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Pulse amplitude in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2020-02-09Updated:2020-02-09
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1. The driver uses pulse amplitude modulation(PAM).
2. Quantized Pulse Amplitude Modulation?
3. The pulse amplitude in a pulsed extraction column was calculated online by measurement of characteristic parameters of the signal's curve.
4. Effects of pulse amplitude and frequency were studied in the standard sieve plate pulsed column.
5. The results show that different from that of pulse amplitude modulation (PAM), the cross-correlation function of PPM cannot be directly used to acquire timing due to the nonlinearity of PPM.
6. Radar signal Carrier Frequency and Pulse amplitude are very important parameters in radar countermeasure and radar reconnaissance .
7. The multi-channel pulse amplitude analyzer has been widely used in the nuclear spectrum measurement.
8. Pulse parameters, which include pulse amplitude, transition duration, overshoot and undershoot, are very important in electric parameters.
9. The high-voltage plateau curve, pulse amplitude distribution and efficiency curve were measured with electron and positron beams.
10. System performances using the two different pulse amplitude modulation schemes (BPSK and OOK) is compared.
11. TACAN beacon transmits pulse amplitude modulation signals in all direction, including bearing and distance information relative to the beacon.
12. Pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) is one form of the ways, in which it is widely used in the system of communication and control.
13. The remote control device crystal frequency stabilization using pulse amplitude modulation transmitter, A simpler circuit, high frequency stability, launched 28MHZ are continuous carrier amplitude.
14. A high count rate pulse amplitude compensation circuit is used in the main amplifier.
15. A low-power pulse amplitude discriminator is described in this paper.
16. The pulse amplitude of narrow band operating approaches to that of broadband operating, it means that, the energy loss caused by narrowing spectrum is only a few.
17. The optimum equalization theory for overcoming the intersymbol interferences (ISI) in multi-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) systems is establishead.
18. Part 2 puts forward the circuits of pulse and IF carrier generation and square pulse amplitude modulation and demodulation.
18. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
19. Furthermore, the expression of stationary bit error rate of system output corresponding to equiprobability quaternary pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) input signals was deduced.
20. Moreover because the detector output pulse signal base is very broad, its scope has a long tail, it can not adapt to request of the multichannel pulse amplitude analyzer.
21. Pulse position amplitude modulation (PPAM) is a new modulation scheme that combines pulse position modulation (PPM) and pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) together.
22. Simulation results show that the phase-shift between pumping and signal light in PSA results in descending of soliton pulse amplitude.
23. DC-voltage comparative method and high sampling digital multimeter method can measure the pulse amplitude accurately, but their application is relatively limited.
24. The thesis introduces the hardware and software design skills of a new type Multi-Channel Pulse Amplitude Analyzer (MCA) based on FPGA chip and Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) interface.
25. It designed and developed a set of Time-sharing Multi-channel pulse amplitude analysis system which based on USB2.0 interface.
26. The 4D means four data symbols (two bits), the PAM5 is Pulse Amplitude Modulation with five signal levels.
27. For nuclear spectrum measurement in nuclear analysis, the correction of dead time in multi channel pulse amplitude analyzer must be considered.
28. Thermoacoustic theory has been studied particularly by exploring the time structure of acoustic signals and the law of acoustic pulse amplitude variation.
29. To decrease the number of clock phases, the idea using adaptive interpolation is proposed for Gigabit Ethernet with pulse amplitude modulation (PAM).
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