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Plug away in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2016-12-06Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: frugalslugsubjugatesluggishpluslugubriousplumpplungeMeaning: v. 1. work doggedly or persistently 2. persist in working hard. 
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1 The soldiers kept plugging away at the enemies.
2 She keeps plugging away at French.
3 If you keep plugging away at it, your English will improve.
4 Katie has been plugging away at her homework for hours.
5 She's been plugging away at her French lessons for months.
6 There were only Joe and I plugging away several hundred metres behind the rest.
7 In any case, Fred worked, worried,( plugged away.
8 But as Sulloway was plugging away, other scientists were busy debunking birth order.
9 Said later that he s an exceptional talent and only bad luck stopped him scoring, and to keep plugging away.
10 An ideal adventure for beginners, this one should have you plugging away till the wee small hours of the morning.
11 We need to find out where we can improve, and keep plugging away at it.
12 He's gone about it quietly, just plugging away and learning from watching others.
13 Ian plugged away at the lab that was to become Roslin, trying to improve the technology of animal transgenesis.
14 We ought to plug away the best we can.
15 Students must plug away at this problem.
16 So plug away, especially Monday.
17 Each day we plug away at our jobs and in return we receive a paycheck.
18 Rather than plug away at the much-ignored Google Buzz, Google could use Wave's tech to feed off of all the other social network players.
19 Instead of ever beautifying their site they just plug away creating articles.
20 This company continues to plug away at the Japanese market with its creative advertisements.
21 The professor says there's no need to plug away at this paper. He only wants to know where we are at the present.
22 Despite the difficulty of the task,and the slowness of the progress,the workers continued to plug away at it manfully.
23 "We're getting there, " Bryant said. "The key for us is to continue to work at it and plug away.
24 Set a timer (use a kitchen timer, or use a countdown timer on your computer), and plug away at your work.
25 Despite the difficulty of the task, and the slowness of the progress, they continued to plug away at it manfully.
26 The key for us is to continue to work at it and plug away.
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