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Pentobarbital in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2023-08-28Updated:2023-08-28
Similar words: phenobarbitalbarbitalto barge intobarbiturateorbitalsuborbitalperiorbitalsupraorbitalMeaning: n. a barbiturate (trade name Nembutal) used as a sedative and hypnotic and antispasmodic. 
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1, The main producer of pentobarbital is H.
2, Private-practice animal hospitals also use sodium pentobarbital to euthanize sick and old family pets.
3, Objective:Effect of Swertia punicea to action of Pentobarbital sodium with the under threshold dose and the up threshold dose.
4, METHODS The sleep enhancement action with pentobarbital sodium(PS) was observed in pre-treated mice model.
5, METHOD Intravenous anesthesia with 3% pentobarbital sodium was performed to dissociate the femoral vein and femoral artery so as to insert the vein and artery cannulae to measure blood pressure.
6, All the subjects were sedated by pentobarbital sodium during ASSR testing.
7, ObjectiveTo study the effect of Cortex Albiziae solution pentobarbital - induced hypnosis in mice.
8, Methods The method of intravenous injection with pentobarbital sodium was adopted to set up the animal model of dog heart failure.
9, On pentobarbital anesthetized rabbits,( a three-wavelet compound potential to cervical vagal afferent stimulation was recorded in ipsilateral nucleus tractus solitarius(NTS).
10, Objective To investigate the effects of microinjection of pentobarbital sodium into basolateral amygdaloid nucleus on sleep and behavior.
11, Methods:Effects on the pentobarbital sleeping time of mice. Zolpidem tartrate tablets was the positive control drug.
12, ObjectiveTo survey the influence of dihydromyricetin ( DMY ) on the hypnotic effects of pentobarbital sodium on mice.
13, Method: The effects of extracts from different technological processes on spontaneous motion and sleep time in mice induced by pentobarbital sodium ( subthreshold dosage) were studied.
14, The effect of the extract on spontaneous activity in mice, possible synergetic effect with pentobarbital sodium and anticonvulsant effect of with different doses were analyzed.
15, CONCLUSION: Urethane is not suitable in anaesthesia for the animals which demand long-term breeding after operation, while the pentobarbital sodium is a better option.
16, Method: We recorded the free movement frequence and sleeping time after mouse had been injected pentobarbital sodium.
17, MethodsThree doses of Cortex Albiziae solution were chosen to study their interaction with the hypnosis effect induced by pentobarbital sodium in mice.
18, RESULTS Piperine could reduce the spontaneous activity of mice and prolong the sleep time induced by sodium pentobarbital. It could also prolong the deep sleep of rabbits.
19, It potentiated both the stimulant effect of cardiazol and the depressant effect of sodium pentobarbital on central nervous system of mice.
20, Mouse ear swell induced by dimethybenzene, The sedative effect was studied by pentobarbital sleeping time in mice.
21, Objective To study the effects of BEP on impairment of learning and memory in mice induced by sodium pentobarbital.
22, Objective: To evaluate the effects of theanine on sedative effects induced by pentobarbital sodium.
23, Objective To observe the effects of Naolingsu capsule on anti-cerebral ischemia in mice and hypnosis of pentobarbital sodium of subthreshold dose.
24, Results Both RC and RA could prolong the sleeping time induced by pentobarbital sodium and ether.
25, Today most private and city animal shelters euthanize animals with sodium pentobarbital, a controlled substance that is injected into one of a dog or cat's veins.
26, Objective To investigate the anaesthesia effect of intramuscular injection of sodium pentobarbital and diazepam combined with intravenous sodium pentobarbital on pignets.
27, Methods:The method of the hunged cage testing the autonomic activity in mice and the experiment of cooperating with the hypnotic effect of pentobarbital sodium were used.
28, Objective To observe the influence of the coumarins from Radix Angelicae pubescentis (TCA) on the hypnotic effects of pentobarbital sodium and barbital sodium.
29, Objective: To survey the influence and mechanism of the coumarins from Radix Angelicae Dahuricae(CAD) on the hypnotic effects of pentobarbital sodium and barbital sodium in mice.
30, Executing animal and taking material: weighting animal, abdominal anaesthesia by pentobarbital natrium, perfusion by heparin and physiological saline.
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