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Peep-hole in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2021-08-24Updated:2021-08-24
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1, He squinted through the peephole.
2, I have a security peephole in my front door.
3, Trent would then look through the apartment door peephole.
4, The tiny peephole let in some light, not enough to be distracting.
5, I always look through the peephole before I open the door for anyone.
6, He wiped a peephole from the condensation on the window and viewed the world beyond.
7, At 12: 14 a. m.,( there was a knock from inside the chamber and a peephole slid open.
8, Apparently Ziegfeld spied on rehearsals by watching through a peephole in the wall.
9, Judging from where he stood, the peephole must lie just above the painting next door.
10, The astonished researchers worked out the number of such peepholes in the sky, and did the sums.
11, She peered through the security peephole in the solid Edwardian oak door.
12, Although it is sometimes simulated by looking through a peephole, this gives only a crude approximation of the condition.
13, Al Capone and bootleggers filled the vacuum: bathtub spirits, peepholes in the door, Joe-sent-me.
14, I told him the history of the charts, my initial idea for a peephole of some sort.
15, His clothes shop is allowed to put peepholes in the fitting-rooms; some have hidden microphones, too.
16, He puts his selected objects into lighted cases and projects their images outward through lenses in the peepholes.
17, Don't let strangers into your home. Fit peep-hole viewers in your external doors and ensure there is good lighting around these doors.
18, The above is only the power of the individual peep-hole view, thoughtful.
19, Later, Ross finds out Rachel is going on a date with Mark and spies on them through Chandler"s peep-hole."
20, There are some people who, contented with a single skill or a peep-hole view, never make any progress; they may play some role in the revolution at a given place and time, but not a significant one.
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