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Multistep in a sentence

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(1) Communication can become a multistep, multiplatform process.
(2) Tumorigenesis is a multistep, multistage process involving multiple genes.
(3) With BPEL, you can describe a long-running, multistep process of a business transaction using activities to encompass atomic transactions for individual process steps.
(4) The SOAP protocol uses a multistep process to complete a communication transaction.
(5) Nonetheless, the multistep process has worked well for several cholesterol drugs — including Lipitor and Zocor, which are in a class of drugs known as statins.
(6) Using the multistep implicit scheme, a numerical study was made to reveal the influence of linear force-free field to the spontaneous reconnection of current sheets.
(7) He has exactly one minute to complete the multistep task.
(8) This is a multistep process that requires a bit of setup; by the end of it, you'll have everything you need to create a Facebook application.
(9) The foundation has been established for assessments of multistep air-to-surface attacking action.
(10) Mind the fact that this really is a multistep transformation: from DocBook to the text-markup language to plain text.
(11) A multistep problem is a problem which requires more than one step in order to solve it.
(12) This paper also describes abstractly distributed multistep intrusion scenario modeling based on BNF.
(13) A computer program for calculating migration time and distance of components in arbitrary multistep gradient field capillary gel electrophoresis is compiled on the basis of the result.
(14) Furthermore, through the example of computer programming, comparision of the formula precision which established Ang Adams extrapolation linear multistep method was made.
(15) This was based on the idea that the first life forms were the outcome of a slow, multistep process that began with the abiotic synthesis of organic compounds and the formation of a 'primitive soup'.
(16) An alternative strategy is to write a series of "worker" threads each of which performs a step in a multistep process, and have them passing data on to one another.
(17) Aiming at a kind of underactuated serial robots, a multistep control strategy based on its transformation of dynamics equation is proposed.
(18) The four companies in clinical trials with these products use stringent multistep processes to extract hemoglobin from red cells, then purify and stabilize it, so only hemoglobin is left.
(19) Another tricky aspect of implementing click-and-drag functions or any other multistep GUI operation is that you're implementing handlers that may well be taking the place of other handlers.
(20) The rudiments of microneedle actuator have been developed, which is mainly made of SU 8 photoresist, and its 3D construction is fabricated by multistep exposal and electroforming metal.
(21) HPV is closely associated with Bowenoid papulosis and HPV might be a factor of multistep carcinogenesis in rare cases of Bowen's disease and Queyrat erythroplasia.
(22) The same principles apply anywhere users must fill out a series of interrelated forms to complete a multistep process.
(23) We mainly direct our attention to the class of linear multistep methods.
(24) Selectively ionizing atoms(or molecule) can be easily performed by means of a multistep resonance photoionization technique.
(25) We report here the measurment and results of the odd parity autoionizing spectra of Ybl by the laser multistep excitation technique.
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