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Metabolic process in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-12-03Updated:2017-12-03
Similar words: metabolicbasal metabolic ratemetabolisemetabolismmetabolizebasal metabolismcatabolicsystolic pressureMeaning: n. the organic processes (in a cell or organism) that are necessary for life. 
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1) Buffer base reflects metabolic processes which influence acid-base balance.
2) Photorespiration is an important metabolic process in C3 plants.
3) Through the metabolic process of physiological living material, this paper discusses the health-care function of mead to human body.
4) The metabolic process that converts fat cells to energy requires the presence of oxygen.
5) Alcohol in the human body's metabolic process is oxidation-reduction reaction,( will produce a large number of free radicals.
6) The ATP-generating metabolic process that occurs in nearly all living cells by which carbohydrates and sugars, typically glucose, are converted in a series of steps to pyruvic acid.
7) Photorespiration is an important metabolic process in C3 plant, which is one of the highlight of research on photosynthesis.
8) Koala bears have a slow metabolic process which means that their food digests quite slowly.
9) This judges Mao Zedong metabolic process, with in revive two parties concern evolve having close relationship.
10) It triggers a metabolic process which allows (you) to handle fats.
11) Substance P(SP) plays important roles in bone metabolic process. It gradually became a hot point in research of bone reparation and re-establishment.
12) It is absorbed by our bodies and used in a wide range of metabolic processes.
13) Stoichiometric procedures also help the biochemist to follow the metabolic processes that take place in organisms.
14) There thus seems to be quantitative differences in the metabolic processes concerned.
15) The remedies seem to have the power to help harmonize the body's metabolic processes and to correct imbalances in them.
16) As a bonus, water has particular electro-chemical qualities that make it an ideal reagent in many of life's metabolic processes.
17) Due to the character of isothermal microcalorimetry,( process.html) we can obtain complete thermogenic curves of cell metabolism and thermokinetic equation during metabolic process.
18) C is one of important glycolytic isozymes in the metabolic process.
19) Insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas, is a key ingredient in the metabolic process because it helps keep the blood-sugar level from rising abnormally.
20) Highlighting the potential of further study, they found that one particular gene is involved in a previously unknown metabolic process that can lower bad cholesterol.
21) In fact, it sort of does the opposite, by gumming up the works and inhibiting the metabolic process.
22) Many new subjects in studies on pharmaceutical aspects of protein and peptide drugs are emerged due to special metabolic process of these drugs.
23) The metabolism of serum lipoprotein, however, is a complicated and ordered metabolic process.
24) Fed-batch fermentation was applied to improve the yield of natamycin based on the studies of batch fermentation metabolic process in 5L auto-fermentor.
25) Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase C is one of important glycolytic isozymes in the metabolic process.
26) Although the rest did not decay, but most of them have been microbial metabolic process from the erosion of harmful substances, especially fungi in fruit breeding accelerate.
27) It proposed that one probe into both the causes and preventative measures for constipation from a new sight such as the nature of stool and its metabolic process and so on.
28) When HGH fabrication decreases in middle age it can result in exhaustion augmented fat deposits resulting from lowered metabolic process and total lack of energy and muscle impuissance .
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