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Mercaptan in a sentence

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1. Studying on 10X type molecular sieve to remove mercaptan, oxalic acid to remove alkalescence nitrogen and decolour with nature active clay were conducted.
2. This paper introduces experiment clearing away hydrosulfuric and mercaptan in waste gas from industry and ozone, retention period, catalyzer and so on influence on removal rates.
3. Dodecyl mercaptan ( DDM ) as chain transfer agent was introduced into self - crosslinkable acrylate emulsion system.
4. Sulfur compound types of mercaptan, thioether, and tetrahydrothiophene in gasoline were easily be removed by adsorption desulfurization, but disubstituted thiophene was difficult.
5. Di-tert-butyl peroxide is selected as initiator, and dodecyl mercaptan is selected as chain transfer agent by means of analyzing the physical characteristics.
6. Hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan are toxic as well as malodorous ; they can damage cells and thus may be a factor in gum disease.
7. The sulfide was in the form of thiophene, mercaptan and thioether .
8. The elementary sulfur and mercaptan concur in jet fuel and the corrosion level varies as the time.
9. Furfuryl mercaptan is a major component in roast coffee aroma or an aromatic ingredient for artifical coffee.
10. The testing methods for element sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan sulfur, bisulfide, corrosive sulfide, total active sulfur and single active sulfide were reviewed.
11. The removal rate of methyl mercaptan(MM) and ethanethiol (ET) and its effect factors were mostly studied on kinetics.
12. The heptanal butyl mercaptan was synthesized with heptanal, sodium thiosulfate and 1 bromobutane as raw materials.
13. The yield of synthesis from allyl mercaptan and propionyl chloride to allyl thiopropionate is 50.
14. Mercaptan, also known as methanethiol, is a natural substance produced by plants and animals and released by decaying matter.
15. Fuel propane is scented with mercaptan odourants for leak detection.
16. And diallyl tetrasulfide was synthesized by the reaction of sulfur monochloride with allyl mercaptan with a yield of 81.
17. However, commonly used thiols, such asm ethanethiol , ethanethiol and benzyl mercaptan, having toxicity and a foul smell, can lead to environmental and safety problems.
18. The influence of olefine and non-hydrocarbons on the oxidation of n-butyl mercaptan in alkaline-free sweetening process was
19. And diallyl tetrasulfide was synthesized by the reaction of sulfur monochloride with ally1 mercaptan with a yield of 81.0%.
20. In BPA production impurities in raw material phenol can poison mercaptan radical contained in resin catalyst, and sulphonic acid radical also in resin is easy to lose in higher temperature medium.
21. The development moiety which is released upon heating is usually a mercaptan.
22. The analytical method for sodium methyl mercaptide was established based on the reaction in quantity between methyl mercaptan and iodine at the base condition.
23. And diallyl tetrasulfide was synthesized by the reaction of sulfur monochloride with allyl mercaptan with a yield of 81.0%.
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