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Magnesia in a sentence

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Sentence count:57Posted:2018-03-26Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: magnesiummagnetmagnetic resonance imagingmagnetomagnetonmagneticmagnetitemagnetronMeaning: [mæg'niːʒə /-ʃə]  n. a white solid mineral that occurs naturally as periclase; a source of magnesium. 
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(1) Some glazes contain elevated magnesia which increases their durability; this was certainly necessary given the low calcium oxide levels.
(2) They contain between 0.6 % and 0.8 % magnesia and contain low potassium oxide levels.
(3) The different soda, magnesia and phosphorus pentoxide levels can be related to the use of a different soda source.
(4) Milk of magnesia, an osmotic laxative, was used according to age, body weight, and severity of the constipation.
(5) Indigestion could be quelled with a simple magnesia tablet, thousands of which she chewed in her lifetime.
(6) Magnesia lime is an ideal lime for construction.
(7) A substanceas magnesia or sodium bicarbonate, that neutralizes acid.
(8) It is the excellent material for making magnesia brick and magnesia monolithic refractories.
(9) The characteristics of sea water and brine magnesia are described.
(10) It consists of a metal shell, crystal fused magnesia for insulation, built - in electric wire fever.
(11) The products manufactured by using - burnt magnesia, other basic materials and binder through good grain size selection.
(12) Physics-chemical performances of magnesia ramming material are introduced. Themechanisms of magnesia ramming material prolonging lining life of electric-arc furnace in FeCrsmelting are discus:ed.
(13) High purity - fusion magnesia brick is manufactured by using electro - fused high - purity high - density magnesia grains as material.
(15) The synthesis methods of magnesia - alumina spinel are electro - fusion and sintering process.
(16) This is a hybrid magnesia low chromite brick made from dead burned magnesia.
(17) The magnesia based big brick was produced by using quality fused magnesite with high calcia and low silica, composite additives and composite organic binder.
(18) The properties of some refractories contaning synthetic magnesia - alumina spinel and theirapplieations are discussed in this paper.
(19) Other analyses of soda-rich plant ashes contained considerably higher magnesia levels accompanying the soda.
(20) The clays consist of silica tetrahedra and the octahedra contain magnesia surrounded by oxygen atoms and hydroxyl groups.
(21) The compositional differences are principally due to impurity levels of the oxides of magnesia[], and lead in the glasses.
(22) The magnesite graphite brick has a good slag resistance because the magnesia is the primary component.
(23) The invention relates to a quakeproof floor plate and a method for preparing the same. The quakeproof floor plate consists of cement, sand, magnesia powder, saw dust and water.
(24) Our company needs to purchase magnesium chloride (purity over 65%), magnesia (purity over 85%) and perlite from Africa and ship them to Tripoli, capital of Libya where we have a project going on.
(25) The commonly-used firebricksare silica brick, semisilica brick, fireclay brick , high-alumina brick, chrome brick, magnesia brick, carbon brick, etc.
(26) To prolong furnace lining′s service life, refining furnace lining is rammed with magnesia ramming material instead of magnesia brick.
(27) The effect of zircon micropower on the structure and properties of magnesia castable were studied.
(28) The commonly brick, semisilica brick , brick, high - alumina brick, chrome brick, magnesia brick, carbon brick, etc.
(29) Administer several vials of 10% aqueous calcium gluconate orally. (Calcium carbonate, Maalox, Mylanta or Milk of Magnesia may also be used.
(30) China is rich in natural resources and has wide market prospect for producing magnesia carbon brick.
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