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Lymphatic system in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-02-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: economic systemsystematicallysystemecosystemsolar systemimmune systemskeletal systemunitary systemMeaning: n. the interconnected system of spaces and vessels between body tissues and organs by which lymph circulates throughout the body. 
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1. These chylomicrons enter the blood through the lymphatic system where they impart a turbid appearance to serum.
2. Other lymphatic system disorders include lymphocytic leukemias and lymphoma.
3. Purple: Have inhibition to motorial system, lymphatic system and heart system, can maintain the potassium balance inside body, make the person has safe feeling.
4. The lacteals of villi are part of the lymphatic system.
5. Purple: Have depressive effect to motorial , lymphatic system and heart system, the balance of the Potassium inside tenability body, have promote quiet the feeling with love and care other.
6. Mimics the lymphatic system, delivers and promotes lymphatic and move in the correct physiological direction.
7. Racing thoughts impose muscular tension that compromises the lymphatic system and immune system.
8. Twists can help detoxify the internal organs and lymphatic system.
9. The lymphatic system also has a role in the immune system.
10. He has found that countries with high car ownership have high levels of blood and lymphatic system cancers.
11. From the epithelial cells the chylomicrons are released into the lymphatic system, which transports the chylomicrons to the blood.sentencedict .com
12. When some snakes strike, the bulky proteins in their venom don't infiltrate the bloodstream immediately but wend through the lymphatic system to the heart.
13. Pulmonary lymphangitic carcinomatosis (PLC) is a term that refers to tumor growth in the lymphatic system of the lungs.
14. Pray for Rev. Ian Ma who has cancer in his lymphatic system.
15. Nail slow growth, no luster and turn yellow thickening: Tips to the lymphatic system illnesses.
16. This enzyme helps prevent the accumulation of mucoprotein (partially digested protein) in the body and lymphatic system.
17. This gentle and specialized form of massage stimulates the lymphatic system aiding in the removal of toxins by using light circular motions, rhythmic pumping actions and effleurage.
18. Blockage of a lymph vessel may cause fluid to collect in the tissues, producing lymphedema (tissue swelling). Other lymphatic system disorders include lymphocytic leukemias and lymphoma.
19. The embryo lymph cyst is one kind of rarer embryo subnormal because the lymphatic system obstruction.
20. Breast has plentiful lymphatic vessel network, thus metastasis of early-stage breast cancer occurs primarily through the lymphatic system.
21. The bone marrow aspiration excluded a proliferative disease of the haematopoietic or lymphatic system.
22. And the Fat-soluble toxin migrate from blood into the lymphatic system or respective mucosa within organ forming polypus, cyst, swelling and so on.
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