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Line-of-sight in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2020-07-21Updated:2020-07-21
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1. The mass column density along a line-of-sight for a constant outflow at velocity v is therefore.
2. Targeted methods like lasers require a clear line-of-sight and could be dangerous for anything in their way.
3. This guidance law avoids the chattering of line-of-sight angular rate of attack missile by introducing the hyperbolic tangent function .
4. Line-of-sight stabilization is a key specification for stabilized sighting system.
5. The line-of-sight rate is analyzed for the influences of the airframe, radome effects and target glint.
6. The line-of-sight stabilization with high-accuracy is the chief specification and key technology of electro-optical stabilized sighting system.
7. Four propagation models of diffraction, line-of-sight, scatting and duct are analyzed. The basic transmission loss for each of the models is calculated according to the ITU-R model and GZB model.
8. Since the galaxy's disk is inclined to our line-of-sight, long telescopic exposures often result in an image that evokes a strong sense of depth.
9. Unlike laser-based line-of-sight energy transmission, a magnetic field is not focused and so can pass around or through obstacles between the transmitter and receiver.
10. The passive ranging with line-of-sight angle or line-of-sight rate measurement for exo-atmospheric interceptor was studied.
11. Iraqi insurgents have hacked into unsecured, line-of-sight and possibly satellite video feeds for the drones and, in some cases, were able to use this to receive early warning of U.
12. The method is especially useful when line-of-sight clearance cannot be obtained above the surface of the earth for the propagation path.
13. Acquire the use of a small farm along the route with sufficient line-of-sight access to the radiated energy. 3.
14. The SNEP will operate in a hub-spoke and mesh architecture to provide beyond line-of-sight range extension to OTM users.
15. Considering the lag, the recursive Lyapunov method is employed to design a motion-tracking sliding-mode guidance law, which makes the angular rate of line-of-sight to track a given signal.
16. But while Saturn itself grows larger in telescopic images, Saturn's rings seem to be vanishing as their tilt to our line-of-sight decreases.
17. In a recent exercise with the U.S. Army, Raytheon achieved an industry-first wireless transmission of its lightweight High Capacity Beyond Line-of-Sight troposcatter system.
18. The airborne processors demonstrated closed-loop tracking and provided a precise line-of-sight to targets.
19. Visitors get a splendid, inviting vista into the new building : dead-ahead on line-of-sight is a distant and vast plaster cast of the Apollo from Olympia.
20. High resolution range profile(HRRP) is the projection vector sum of target scattering point echoes acquired by wide-band radar along the direction of radar line-of-sight(LOS).
21. Scheme and laboratory demonstration test of composite axes inertial line-of-sight stabilization of acquisition, tracking and pointing system on moving base are introduced.
22. This network capability will provide the Brigade Combat Teams with unparalleled beyond line-of-sight target lethality.
23. The system's beyond-line-of-sight coverage enables forces to stay connected to mission critical information when line-of-sight communication is not unavailable.
24. Unlike the Plex, the MiniMag does not come equipped with multiple-firing settings and can only fire line-of-sight "dumb rocket" attacks.
24. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
25. The relay was designed to meet the needs of small distributed forces operating in areas where line-of-sight communications are not possible.
26. In fact, Mirach's Ghost is just a faint, fuzzy galaxy, well known to astronomers, that happens to be seen nearly along the line-of-sight toMirach, a bright star.
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