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Leave out in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: dropexceptexcludeleave offmissneglectomitoverleapoverlookpretermittake outSimilar words: leave offleaveleave aloneleave behindweavegive outlive outdrive outMeaning: v. 1. prevent from being included or considered or accepted 2. leave undone or leave out. 
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1. Keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest.
2. If you prefer mild flavours reduce or leave out the chilli.
3. Leave out the flannel and answer the question!
4. Say that again, but this time leave out the swear - words.
5. It didn't seem fair to leave out her father.
6. As a welcome, relatives and friends leave out food and drink on the altar.
7. For single quotes or apostrophes leave out the Shift key.
8. Do we leave out dates to fox her?
9. I leave out many things that matter.
10. And leave out unrelated work experience.
11. I have had to leave out some beautiful and important branches of combinatorial theory.
12. Don't leave out the definite article.
13. We can leave out the second sentence.
14. In copying this document, be careful not to leave out any words.
15. They must decide what to leave out.
16. We must decide what to leave out and what to leave in.
17. For the same reason, we may leave out of consideration those backward states of society in which the race itself may be considered as in its nonage.
18. Let's leave out Chapter Two and cut to Chapter Three.
19. When you tell stories about yourself, you usually leave out the parts are unflattering.
20. Don't leave out the verb in the sentence?
21. So OK the promotion expenses of leave out channel and user.
22. Its superiority is rather obvious: 1 leave out drainage pipe, the setting of power supply circuitry reduce the engineering cost, only to need to set temporary water supply pipe.
23. To leave out ( a letter, for example ) in speaking or writing.
24. Even worse, it will leave out the real alarm in abnormal process. This paper researches in the serial correlation of quality control charts and will improve the theory of quality control chart.
25. Don't forget lock the door when leave out.
26. The difference is that he would pay the total premium costs to Medicare and leave out Medigap.
27. In addition, 64 serial number by factory photoetching , leave out costly user process designing, can prevent serial number to be
28. When artists produce an action drawing like this one of a Standard Schnauzer they often leave out any reference to the ground.
29. In order to reduce the area size and the power dissipation, the filter is designed to have enough bandwidth to leave out the frequency tuning circuit.
30. Big straight teeth casting ladle for high efficiency, but no motor cable, manual is can, leave out the big plait of worm casting ladle.
More similar words: leave offleaveleave aloneleave behindweavegive outlive outdrive outhave onheavilymove onlive ongive offcome outdie outbe availablemake outwipe outtake outapprove ofwrite outcome out ofcavehavewavefigure outsingle outslavecourageoushave to
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