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In point of in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2016-07-18Updated:2020-07-24
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(1) In point of cost, the first plan is better.
(2) In point of fact, she is their adopted daughter.
(3) They hope , in point of fact, to kill two birds with one stone.
(4) He said he would pay, but in point of fact he has no money.
(5) Why had she ever trusted her? In point of fact she never had, she reminded herself.
(6) What do I say, in point of fact?
(7) This has, in point of fact, always struck me as behaviour verging on the pathological.
(8) Many people believe surgery is the only answer. In point of fact, a change in diet is often enough.
(9) Congar had in point of fact expressed himself cautiously enough, yet several of his books were proscribed.
(10) Comrade Preobrazhensky preaches abstraction from politics but in point of fact, apart from politics, there is absolutely nothing in the work.
(11) In point of physical damage inflicted, it was true enough that the raid did not accomplish a great deal.
(12) In point of fact, it is an American game.
(13) In point of fact, a so-called IUD pregnancy really is a ectopic pregnancy, although it is an ectopic pregnancy that has been caused by the presence of the IUD in a woman's body.
(14) In point of fact, my mind started to wake up a bit during this period.
(15) Memory, in point of fact, is impeded by the body.
(16) In point of view of the principle of inreversible process, the energy dissipation of rock mass excavation is analysed.
(17) In point of fact the only progress we in that academy was towards freedom.
(18) In point of corporate capital mode, USA is the typical state carrying out statutory capital system, while China's authorized capital system depends on its peculiar background.
(19) In point of fact, he never gives up his belief.
(20) Independent, therefore, of his deficiency in point of dexterity, this cause alone must always reduce considerably the quantity of work which he is capable of performing.
(21) Intelligent PID control and fuzzy control are analyzed in point of characteristic variable, and two analytical structure of control based on characteristic model are summarized.
(22) In point of fact, most co - operatives are doing well or fairly well.
(23) In point of fact he was broad and heavy , with large hands and feet.
(24) We were assured that the prisoners were being well treated, when in point of fact they were living in terrible conditions.
(25) It was clearly something more than a mere mortal storm and in point of fact Juno was back of it.
(26) Indeed, it is not too much to claim that in point of technique it constitutes the last radical innovation in fictional method since Langston Hughes.
(27) Comparison of these two methods show that periodogram method is superior to the AR model, in point of the stability of peak and distributing of the power spectrum.
(28) The paper reflects our preliminary effort to further study this clinical phenomenon in point of micro mechanics and thermal science. It is of significance in revealing the mechanisms of subc...
(29) CANON XXXI: If any Presbyter, condemning his own bishop, draw people aside, and set up another altar, without finding anything wrong with the Bishop in point of piety and righteousness.
(30) Investigation results show that nanoparticles are excellent lube additive in point of anti-friction and anti - wear property.
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