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Immediacy in a sentence

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Synonym: immediate apprehensionimmediatenessinstancyinstantaneousnessSimilar words: immediateimmediatelydimmedrimmedskimmedtrimmedundimmedmediaMeaning: [ɪ'mɪːdɪəsɪ] n. 1. lack of an intervening or mediating agency 2. immediate intuitive awareness 3. the quickness of action or occurrence. 
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1) Television brings a new immediacy to world events.
2) Our aim is immediacy of response to emergency calls.
3) Pre-recorded TV programmes have so much less immediacy and warmth than live theatre.
4) The personnel manager doesn't seem to realize the immediacy of the problem.
5) Newspapers lack the immediacy of television.
6) They demand our attention with the same immediacy as the everyday crises in our lives.
7) Max believes in the child's imagination,( in the immediacy of the child's expression.
8) Both improved letter services and the immediacy of the telephone enabled distant business operations to flourish.
9) Some aspects of this immediacy can also be transmitted by our contacts with non-human organisms whose lifespan far exceeds our own.
10) I could smell the fierce immediacy of cinnamon, anise, and fish sauce on the tips of her nails.
11) The moving image has immediacy and can offer vivid detail.
12) These brief meditations make up with immediacy of impression what they might lack in depth or inventiveness.
13) But a phone interview has a certain immediacy, so you do a phone interview.
14) The immediacy of these visionary experiences endows them with a high degree of intensity, but also renders them fleeting and transient.
15) In every one of her pictures she conveys a sense of immediacy.
16) Television allows viewers to experience an event without any loss of immediacy.
17) It was part of the job, part of the thrill of working in the immediacy of a news room.
18) Seldom before had music possessed such hyper-sensitivity, such visceral intensity, such manic-depressive immediacy.
19) The other thing that turned me on to television was immediacy.
20) Digital picture quality is said to be still no match for conventional photographic film but the big advantage is immediacy.
21) The present tense is used in this case because it carries a sense of immediacy and impact.
22) The enemy is the mind's tendency to systematize, sew up experience, place a distance between itself and immediacy.
23) To represent means to take the past and make it live again, giving it immediacy, vitality.
24) She said she had never so much felt its presence, its immediacy, as lately.
25) Words we might employ to describe that experience would include authenticity, first-handedness, liveliness and immediacy.
26) But while Burrows' concerns are revealed only tangentially, Smith's are delivered with her usual immediacy.
27) The inner robot switched off, leaving the conscious man to cope with real problems, the immediacy of living.
28) They approached the peace talks with a sense of immediacy.
29) A mistress lives perhaps too much in the present, but this immediacy is a lodestar.
30) It erects a barrier that severs the pleasure and immediacy of visceral experience.
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