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Generative grammar in a sentence

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Similar words: generativedegenerativeregenerativeneurodegenerativeprogram generatordegenerative joint diseaseuniversal grammargrammatical genderMeaning: n. (linguistics) a type of grammar that describes syntax in terms of a set of logical rules that can generate all and only the infinite number of grammatical sentences in a language and assigns them all the correct structural description. 
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1 Generative grammar rejects the empirical nature of structural linguistics and instead uses linguistic intuitions of native speakers.
2 There are applications for which a generative grammar would be better suited than a probabilistic one.
3 Instead they believe that it is Sampson's generative grammar formulation that is at fault.
4 Its linguistics theoretical basis is Chomsky's transformational—generative grammar.
5 Generative grammar studies knowledge of language: its nature, origin and use.
6 In generative grammar, a representation in the form of a tree diagram or labeled brackets of the constituent structure of a sentence.
7 By contrasting simpler syntax with mainstream generative grammar, this paper points out that they are different in minimalism, grammatical architecture and the syntax-semantics interface.
8 While combining transformational generative grammar and grammatical means , the study booms applied linguistic theory.
9 Based on the generative grammar, the category of voice includes active, passive and middle voice.
10 Generative Grammar provides an explicit analysis to English and Chinese double object construction, but is powerless before the Chinese ambiguity phenomenon of this construction.
11 This paper compares generative grammar and cognitive grammar from four aspects: philosophical basis, universal view of language, research methodology and the status of semantics.
12 Chomsky's transformational and generative grammar (T-G Grammar) was a great revolution in linguistics, which presented new ideas and methods to linguistics studies.
13 Observing Galilean-Newtonian style, t he study of modern generative grammar is devoted to the construction of linguistic theory that can be understood by a scientific mind.
14 The rewrite rule is an effective method of representing the rules of a generative grammar.
15 Contemporary linguistics may be divided into two major camps: formal grammar, represented by Chomsky s generative grammar and functional grammar, represented by M.
16 This thesis applies the analytical method of composition and arrangement,[] and Transformational - generative Grammar sometimes.
17 The main text part divides into three chapters. The first chapter introduces and critics generative grammar theory.
18 The current study looks into the issue of Russian generic reflexives from a generative grammar perspective.
19 Formal syntactic models for the description of grammar, eg generative grammar, are a type of metalanguage.
20 Generative grammar formalizes language mechanism. The finite rules of generative grammar can generate or analyze infinite sentences.
21 Based on analysis of English corpora, PRO studies in Generative Grammar have shown us the evidence of the existence of PRO and its functions in sentence in terms of grammar and meaning.
22 Wh-question has been the main subject of the transformational generative grammar.
23 The study of the Double Object Construction (DOC) has always been one of the major topics in the literature of generative grammar.
24 The range of his research covers mathematical linguistics, logical semantics, transformational - generative grammar and non - transformational - generative grammar.
25 At last, I point out that the so-called revolution against generative grammar claimed by cognitive grammar from its very beginning is just like a dream.
26 In this paper, a selective and evaluative review of research on generative grammar is offered, mainly from the psycholinguistic point of view.
27 The study on control and raising has been the focus of discussion in the generative grammar.
28 This year is the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Transformational and Generative Grammar.
29 Syntax-semantics interface study of simpler syntax combines linguistics, cognitive science and psychology together and represents the study trend of generative grammar.
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