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Foliaceous in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2019-09-11Updated:2019-09-11
Similar words: liliaceouscoriaceousfabaceousmicaceousvinaceoussebaceousarenaceousherbaceousMeaning: [‚fəʊlɪ'eɪʃəs] adj. 1. of or pertaining to or resembling the leaf of a plant 2. bearing numerous leaves 3. (especially of metamorphic rock) having thin leaflike layers or strata. 
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1. Foliaceous opposite, egg form comes egg shape is elliptic, whole reason or have small toothed.
2. Foliaceous back provides fluff , vein is thicker , stipule is damask.
3. Foliaceous director is forecasted, in the small climax that this year citizen of festival of lanterns buys a flower, will sing leading role by lily and tulip.
4. Foliaceous net is business of development of game of a webpage and operation business, built large webpage game platform successfully.
5. The birds still worm sound foliaceous hide.
6. The bine is erect, base ministry lignification, foliaceous each other is unripe, wrap around needle form or long elliptic.
7. Some bubble with foliaceous and cold off, don't throw tea made topical agent, easily place coated, often can save between skin in distress.
8. Foliaceous egg form or chief round written complaint needle form, tip needle, base ministry wide wedge.
9. After Wen Xiang, admire Shang Se carefully, foliaceous copy,( taste drink slowly again.
10. Foliaceous strip is gilt-edged, brightness of colour and lustre.
11. Foliaceous each other is born at base ministry, line form, the surface is smooth and soft, vaginal ecru.
12. The fluorescence of erythematous type and foliaceous type was most prominent in the superficial layer of epidermis.
13. " the ground says foliaceous teacher grinning: "Heard you to call me the teacher eventually!
14. Watch foliaceous plant to much, should stop apply nitrogenous fertilizer, chase after appropriately apply potash fertilizer of a few low pH indicator, with increasing flowers fight cold sex.
15. After mastering authentic evidence, foliaceous gentleman and bargaining of new egg China.
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16. Benign tumor is more expansile grow, bulk increases gradually and crowded leave and oppress all round organization, outside configuration is more globose or cent is foliaceous.
17. The filiform tit of patient tongue gradually atrophy disappears, channel grain is deepened show branch foliaceous, glossal surface is slick and tide is red.
18. Small lamina 3, egg shape wraps around needle form, stipule falls early, foliaceous each other is unripe, flocculus brim has toothed, vimineous softness.
19. Unifoliate , edge bine each other is unripe, certain planted foliaceous opposite or verticillate.
20. Fruit film is qualitative, amount to of the craze before maturity foliaceous fruit valve, have 2 - 4 seeds are worn the brim that is born at fruit valve.
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