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Endocrine system in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-02-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: immune systemsystemecosystemsolar systemunitary systemsystematicallyeconomic systemseniority systemMeaning: n. the system of glands that produce endocrine secretions that help to control bodily metabolic activity. 
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(1) Your endocrine system also keeps you in balance and maintains your readiness to respond to internal and external stressors.
(2) The Endocrine System Your endocrine system is sensitive to all your thoughts and feelings.
(3) Normal endocrine system promotes metabolism to burn fat.
(4) Endocrine system: Group of ductless glands that secrete hormones necessary for normal growth and development, reproduction, and homeostasis.
(5) It plays a major part in regulating the endocrine system.
(6) Regulated by the endocrine system, it is derived from a modification of sweat glands.
(7) The body system are regulated by the endocrine system and are controlled by the nerves system.
(8) The human body can adjust the nervous system, endocrine system,[] digestive system and enhance physique.
(9) Fishy smell: kidneys, bladder and endocrine system are deficient and imbalanced.
(10) The ovaries are also part of the endocrine system because they produce female sex hormones such as estrogen (pronounced: es-truh-jun) and progesterone (pronounced: pro-jes-tuh-rone).
(11) The major glands of the endocrine system are the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, pancreas, pineal body, and the reproductive organs (ovaries and testes).
(12) At least 51 such chemicals, most of them pesticides, have been found to upset the workings of the endocrine system.
(13) Pollution-related illnesses included kidney disease, anaemia and defects in the endocrine system.
(14) Cordycepin is an activated material. It is helpful to endocrine system and nervous system.
(15) This makes it hard to measure how any individual compound might affect the endocrine system.
(16) Including: Locomotor system, alimentary system, respiratory system, urinary system, reproductive system, circulatory system, sense organs, nervous system and endocrine system.
(17) Some unknown factors in natural diets such as bloodworm and squid may also play an important role in stimulating maturation through the endocrine system.
(18) Thus, moola bandha allows us to gain control over the endocrine system as well as energize the body and mind.
(19) Its complex interaction with the pituitary gland makes it an important part of the endocrine system.
(20) The mechanism of the effects of spironolactone on the endocrine system is unclear.
(21) Environmental hormone comes from the exterior of the human body, it will interfere with normal endocrine system and lead to great effects on physiological reaction of organism.
(22) Fat person the body adipose accumulation, can stimulate the endocrine system, make the blood in estrogen or prolactin content increased.
(23) Endocrine Disruptor is the general narration of harmful chemical substance which affects and disturbs endocrine system of living beings.
(24) Besides reproduction toxicity and carcinogenicity, there were negative effects by formaldehyde to the respiratory, allergization, immunity, nerves and endocrine system of human body.
(25) But it's not just menopausal women who struggle with rogue hormones – I have an underactive thyroid and first-hand experience of how a stalling endocrine system can really mess up your prospects.
(26) The amounts that two-year-olds absorb from the [preservative] parabens propylparaben and butylparaben can constitute a risk for oestrogen-like disruptions of the endocrine system.
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