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Eavesdropper in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-04-02Updated:2017-04-02
Similar words: eavesdroppingeavesdropeavescroppedcopperpoppetweaveleaveMeaning: n. a secret listener to private conversations. 
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1. Is the smithy aware of this eavesdropper?
2. If an eavesdropper tried to intercept the transmission, it would disrupt the signal.
3. I admit, I'm an eavesdropper.
4. Jim Ferguson: You damn froggy eavesdropper.
5. That third party Eavesdropper do not know whether there is a general document which embedding secret information.
6. The theory is simply that the eavesdropper will not know how to decrypt the message.
7. Otherwise,[] a malicious eavesdropper on any router between your server and the end user can very easily sniff the sensitive information out of the network packets.
8. The information gained by the eavesdropper through interception is a very important criterion for judging the success of the key transmission and a necessary parameter for the privacy amplification.
9. It is difficult for an eavesdropper to extract information about chaotic systems for every bit of pseudo-random number generator is generated from three different chaotic orbits.
10. This third party, the eavesdropper if you like, is commonly known as Eve among cryptographers .
11. However an eavesdropper can interne in the legal users' communication without violate the physical principles.
12. The receiver should be able to detect an eavesdropper and take appropriate countermeasures.
13. If we reused the key,( the eavesdropper would likely see a different value placed on the network due to the random padding.
14. An eavesdropper who steals a forms authentication cookie has stolen the login because due to the way cookies work, there's no way to implement replay detection.
15. If an eavesdropper captures messages moving through the network, the encryption makes it impossible (or at least prohibitively expensive) to convert the data to usable plain text.
16. A federal law enforcement official said prosecutions seldom are initiated unless the eavesdropper deliberately has used a monitored conversation for other purposes.
17. Many of those calls would have seemed harmless enough, even to the most cynical eavesdropper.
18. A phone tiff between him and Fergie was recorded by an eavesdropper, it was reported last night.
19. In transit, this information is scrambled and unintelligible to any eavesdropper.
20. By encrypting your messages, you can prevent ISPs (or any other eavesdropper) from discovering what you send and receive, but not to whom you are communicating.
21. Alice and Bob can detect the presence of the eavesdropper by comparing selected bits and checking for errors.
22. Eve is the name that cryptographers give to an eavesdropper.
23. At the very least, your login page should be sent to the user and shipped back to the Web server over a secure connection to prevent an eavesdropper from sniffing the user's cleartext password.
24. Now we need to create a random secret key that an eavesdropper/attacker can't figure out. This isn't as easy as it sounds.
25. It might be feasible to clone the connection between a Bluetooth headset and phone so an eavesdropper could connect to the phone while its owner was briefly out of earshot.
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