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Disposable income in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2017-03-15Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: disposableopposabledispensableindispensabledisposedispose ofpredisposedispossessMeaning: n. income (after taxes) that is available to you for saving or spending. 
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1. Gerald had little disposable income.
2. Some people apparently have too much disposable income.
3. Economy: Do customers have enough disposable income?
4. This implies that the disposable income of the republics and provinces in 1985 was about 251 billion dinars.
5. In view of the high local disposable income, the potential for an evening dining-out market is clearly high. 4.
6. Older people have disposable income and leisure time, key factors in their willingness and ability to buy and use computers.
7. Black professionals with disposable income believing in the black community enough to support black businesses.
8. Real personal disposable income rose 15 percent over the period.
9. The percentage of disposable income spent at grocery stores and supermarkets has been declining since the 1970s.
10. This will increase disposable income so that consumption spending will rise at every level of national income.
11. A Labour victory would have boosted their disposable income by £311, mainly because of the increase in child benefit.
12. Although these were prosperous years, disposable income of individuals increased by only about 2 I percent.
13. The personal sector's disposable income of £10,500 million is distributed between £10,000 million consumer purchases and £500 million saving.
14. Increasing wages soas to give greater net disposable income increases costs on the international market and makes our goods less competitive.
15. Don't squander your disposable income on a disposable car.
16. In addition, the personal savings accounts for personal disposable income increased.
17. The currency crisis, with higher mortgages and interest rates, means that consumers have far less disposable income.
18. The effect, of course, is to dampen the growth of disposable income.
19. Taxation Tin the circular flow has been interpreted as income taxation and is the difference between gross and disposable income.
20. Eligibility is determined by a means test administered by the solicitor and based upon assessment of disposable income and capital.
21. Motor cycles and scooters, clothes, records, and football expenses accounted fur most of the new disposable income.
22. Those between £58 and £130 pay a quarter of their disposable income above that lower level.
23. The amount of income left over after deduction of this taxation is known as disposable income.
24. State welfare would be used towards this end,( providing people with additional disposable income.
25. The lender will work out the level of advance by calculating your disposable income after deducting the regular outgoings.
26. Skyrocketing energy costs, especially in the Midwest, have eroded consumers' disposable income.
27. The heavily restricted Internet deals appeal to people with disposable income and flexible schedules.
28. Since at current prices consumption rose by 16% and disposable income by 13%, there was evidently a fall in the rate of saving in the private sector of the economy.
29. The top 10% (or decile) of earners have an average $87,257 of disposable income, while those in the bottom decile have $5,819, among the very lowest of any country.
30. Marginal propensity to consume is the effect on consumption of an additional dollar in disposable income.
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