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Detoxication in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-10-22Updated:2017-10-22
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1. This paper summarized the research on detoxication of the pesticide residual agricultural products and described the application of washing by water, detoxicate factor and ozone generator in that.
2. The mungbean may the clearing heat and detoxication, the diuresis detumescence.
3. The elimination, detoxication, processing and multiutilization of toxin in globefish are also discussed in this paper.
4. Organisms can also develop detoxication mechanism for excreting Al and the internal equilibrium protection mechanism by mutation, natural selection and self-organized latent energy.
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5. The results showed that the detoxication of citrate acid to Pb and tartaric acid to Cd was comparatively distinct.
6. OBJECTIVE:To establish the quality standards for Compound Yinhuang detoxication decoction.
7. The conclusion: the gel of detoxication and alleviating itch has an evident anti-inflammatory and alleviate itching effects, and the curative effect with it curing jellyfish dermatitis is conspicuous.
8. It can play the role of antipyresis, detoxication, dispelling wind and cold, promoting blood circulations, regulating immunity and relieving pain.
9. Promoting blood circulation and detoxication method can increase the comprehensive curative effect in treating chronic bronchitis.
10. In the royal jelly protein, the carbohydrate the damage which organizes to the liver have the repair function, has the detoxication to the liver poison.
11. The effects of herbicide safeners on the levels and activity of enzymes involved in herbicide detoxication or that are target sites of herbicide action are summarized.
12. The key function is removing stasis, stopping blood and pain, activating blood, detoxication, relieving swelling.
13. The key function is cleaning heat, removing wind and detoxication.
14. Feed nutritional compositions were measured before and after adding cottonseed cake detoxication agent in the experiment.
15. Particularly suitable for corn, non-protein nitrogen for ruminant, feather powder, MBM . As well as bran for keeping-fresh, fish powder, cottonseed for detoxication.
16. Paris L is a class of plant with variety of medicine value , which have ability of detoxication, analgesia, antibiosis, anticancer et al. It is the major material of many prepared Chinese medicines.
17. Objective To investigate the changes of expression of 5-hydroxy tryptamine (5-HT), substance P (SP) in rat colon during heroin withdrawal, methadone detoxication and heroin relapse period.
18. Impurities and odor in the washing drum and pipes discomposed by its strong detoxication.
19. From the paper before point out that GST enzyme had play a important role in detoxication.
20. CONCLUSION:This method is fast, reproducible, sensitive, and which can provide a more reasonable and reliable quality control for coptis chinensis detoxication capsule.
21. The buff color cactus besides has the sterilization, the clearing heat and detoxication function, has its unique function, is can fall the fat to lose weight the voltage dropping.
22. CONCLUSION: Nimodipine might alter the distribution of soman and reduce the initial concentration of soman in rabbit blood, then accelerated the metabolic detoxication of soman.
23. Objective It is to discuss the inhibiting effect of Chinese traditional medicine detoxication capsule against human cytomegalovirus (HCMV).
24. Objective : To observe the effects of Shengbaifuzheng oral liquid on body resistance and detoxication.
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