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Derive from in a sentence

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Sentence count:69Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
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(1) Many English words derive from Latin.
(2) Thousands of English words derive from Latin.
(3) All syllables derive from the primordial syllable - OM.
(4) One of the first commercial products to derive from this biotechnology is likely to be genetically engineered tomatoes.
(5) These cell types can derive from several cells well separated in the lineage.
(6) Such power may derive from an individual's physical strength, their economic resources, position, expertise, personal charisma etc.
(7) The executives' gargantuan incomes derive from their power over what has become an increasingly scarce factor of production, capital.
(8) Rather they derive from associated events in experience that antedate linguistic structure both phylogenetically and, in man, in individual development.
(9) His difficulties did not derive from the way he was reared.
(10) Teachers' perceptions about reading instruction often derive from a pragmatic approach rather than from a theoretical background.
(11) Similar estimates derive from observed forest destruction, scaled from the uprooting of trees in nuclear weapons tests.
(12) Other parts of my argument derive from Malinowski, Mauss and Levi-Strauss, as well as from various of my younger contemporaries.
(13) The primary pleasures of the imagination derive from direct observation of objects before our eyes.
(14) Many of these taboos derive from patriarchal societies taking the power of women and turning it on its head.
(15) From a Marxist perspective, systems of stratification derive from the relationships of social groups to the means of production.
(16) These criticisms of stratification theory derive from the known importance of gender as a criterion of social differentiation in modern society.
(17) They may have views on issues which derive from previous experience.
(18) The secondary pleasures of the imagination derive from recollection of objects no longer actually present.
(19) These defensive behavior patterns derive from our subconscious fears.
(20) Feeling: Happy inbeing derive from inward satisfaction.
(21) The two attitudes derive from different historical perspectives.
(22) Beck suggests that we have an automatic style of thinking which to a large extent determines the conclusions we derive from experience.
(23) Resources Most patients are managed in primary care but the vast majority of research publications derive from hospitals.
(24) Thus D in Figure 6-2a indicates tIle benefits which private individuals derive from education.
(25) Data which go toward answering the first two of these questions derive from a number of sources.
(26) We are concerned with the quality of goods and the satisfactions we derive from them.
(27) One consents to the establishment of a political society and to its authority because of the benefits one will derive from its existence.
(28) This Board rejected both these submissions and held that the profits did not arise in or derive from Hong Kong.
(29) Which suggests that the life patterns imposed on infants in fact derive from biological need.
(30) The funding to do anything, however, must in the long run derive from national resources.
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