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Deodorization in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2020-06-18Updated:2020-06-18
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1. Actinomycete had the higher ability of deodorization.
2. Excellent effect of deodorization, gout elimination and decolor.
3. Patent technology , Pesticidal, Sterilization Antipruritic, Deodorization , Hair protecting and rehabilitation.
4. The following efficacy of bamboo-charcoal:high absorption, dehumidify , deodorization, negative ion and far-infrared ray were used in various pillows to improve our living quality.
5. On the second phase, the deodorization effect of wormcast was researched in the laboratory.
6. The process of microaldehyde deodorization for the PP transparent nucleating agent were studied.
7. The effects of deodorization temperature and time on the content of oryzanol in riceoil was studied.
8. Plant extracts were applied for deodorization in wastewater treatment plant ( WTP ).
9. The technology of deodorization of tilapia sliced meat hydrolyzate was investigated in this paper.
10. The technology of deodorization of sliced meat hydrolyzate was investigated in this paper.
11. Therefore, the original passive mode that the deodorization is processed by spices is completely changed, in other words,( an active mode that the dreggy gas is directly exhausted is applied.
12. The immediate batch will require deodorization to char the protein material to facilitate removal in bleaching.
13. The deodorization mechanism is also discussed according to the absorbing properties.
14. Air cleaning and deodorization in the Areas of biochemistry, pharmaceutical industry , Painting industry . underground engineering Water , leather industry, animal far.
15. The deodorization is a very important processing section to remove the natural colora.
16. The process characteristic, operation, and reuse of deodorization alkali waste from gasoline of crude distillation unit were introduced in new alkali waste oxidation plant.
17. It is sometimes so treated prior to processing into edible product by bleaching and deodorization.
18. Laminaria ochotensis and Actinidia deliciosa were used as the main raw materials to make composite vinegar through deodorization tests, alcoholic fermentation and acetic acid fermentation.
19. Within a short time, bacteria and mould in air can be oxidized and discomposed, thereby achieving the effect of sterilization, disinfection and deodorization combined functions.
20. The phosphatides must be removed in refining and bleaching prior to the deodorization process.
21. After its treatment of water to achieve the basic decolorization, deodorization.
22. The compositions of chemical deodorizer JX-518 are briefed and process of chemical deodorization in sour water stripper using deodorizer JX-518 and precautions are described in detailed.
23. The Golden foot insoles is famous for its dignity, fashion, beauty and deodorization.
23. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
24. It can be used with superfine fiber together to get the effect of filleting dust and deodorization .
25. This paper mainly studied the color - preserving and deodorization in the processing of garlic products.
26. Deodorization flavour: will be sweet cut tobacco, put within the toilet, what can prevent fly and mosquito and bacterium is progenitive , have deodorization effect.
27. The cherry kernel oil refining process and its conditions were studied. The refining process consisted of degumming, alkali refining, bleaching, and deodorization.
28. Now, these boots tubes finalize the design the club still can contain deodorization desiccative effect, kill two birds with one stone.
29. The technological process of the mixture, control of the calorific value, deodorization, and humidification are discussed.
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