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Cochlea in a sentence

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Sentence count:51Posted:2017-03-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: cochlearfrench leavemuch lessquenchlessricochetspeechlesssuchlikehoochMeaning: ['kɒklɪə]  n. the snail-shaped tube (in the inner ear coiled around the modiolus) where sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses by the organ of Corti. 
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1. The word cochlea reflects their resemblance to snail shells.
2. The central, conical, bony core of the cochlea.
3. Then whether injuried hair cells of cochlea have the ability to repair needs to study.
4. CONCLUSION EOAE can access the function of cochlea(outer hair cells)of AN patients. Phenomenon of dissection ear was found in some AN patients.
5. Cochlea is spiral - shaped part of the inner ear.
6. We hear when the cochlea, in the inner ear, stimulates the auditory nerve.
7. The nerve cells of the cochlea then die and permanent deafness results.
8. BACKGROUND: Speech coding program of artificial cochlea in China is based on foreign language features. So its tone recognition is not favorable.
9. Objective To investigate the cochlea toxicity radix panacis quinquefolii by animal experiment.
10. Cochlea implant is successfully implanted in 37 cases of 228 deaf - mute infants tested with the device.
11. Technique of mice Cochlea Corti 's organ external cultivation is a better way to study ototoxicity drugs.
12. Aim:To explore elementary character of micro vasomotion in cochlea and the effect of endothelium derived relaxing factor(EDRF/NO) on micro vasomotion.
13. Then, whether mammalia animal cochlea hair cells possess regenerative ability after being destroyed is disputed.
14. Methods Cochlea stria was separated by micrergy from guinea pigs and the stria tissue nubbles were cultured in vitro.
15. Aim To investigate whether Antioxidant N-L-acetylcysteine (NAC) can protect the cochlea from impulse noise trauma.
16. The effects of streptomycin on ionic currents in outer hair cells isolated from the cochlea of guinea pig were investigated using a whole-cell recording patch-clamp technique.
17. Objective To investigate the distribution of heat shock protein 27(HSP27) in the basilar membrane of rat cochlea.
18. Objective To explore the regeneration of hair cell nerve connection in bird cochlea following kanamycin ototoxicity.
19. In the present study, gradients of gentamicin along the cochlea were measured.
20. Methods After shock wave exposure, different groups of guinea pigs were studied by cochlea basilar membrane stretched preparation technique and auditory brainstem response(ABR).
21. Objective To discuss the nursing relevant question during transplanting multi-channel artificial cochlea for children with profound sensorineural hearing loss.
22. Results The sigmoid sinus, internal auditory porus, jugular porus, cochlea, petrous ridge and the most posterior point of the posterior semicircular canal could be markers of surgery.
23. The pathological entity of the disease is hydrocele of the membranous labyrinthine of the cochlea.
24. ObjectiveTo explore audition and speech training methods for artificial cochlea implantation children and evaluate its effect.
25. Airr: To explore elementary character of micro- vasomotion in cochlea and the effect of endothelium-derived relaxing factor(EDRF/NO) on micro- vasomotion .
26. By colloidal lanthanum tracing and transmisson electron microscopy technique, alteration of cochlea was observed.
27. Measure the audition threshold change of the brain stem audition area evoked potential; and the content of the glucose and pyruvic acid in the cochlea were measured after the end of treatment.
28. Conclusion The earlier performance of acoustic neuroma is the abnormal function of cochlea and forecourt.
29. Method: One case was treated by supra labyrinth approach . 8 cases did by labyrinth cochlea approach.
30. The response in inferior colliculus to low frequency electrical stimulation in cochlea showed phase locking.
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