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Carry the day in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-03-20Updated:2020-07-24
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1. Despite strong opposition, the ruling party carried the day.
2. For the time being, the liberals seem to have carried the day.
3. Our team got off to a poor start but eventually carried the day and won by two clear goals.
4. Her appeal to common sense was what finally carried the day .
5. Perhaps my resignation will carry the day.
6. Even though Johnny Miller won, Ballesteros carried the day.
7. In 1945 the superficial judgement invariably carried the day.
8. Jackson's common-sense attitude carried the day.
9. It was an argument that carried the day.
10. In other words, the dominant ideology carries the day. 4.
11. On the face of it, this criticism carries the day against any rule utilitarianism which is genuinely distinguishable from act utilitarianism.
12. The parking situation carried the day in the best-of category.
13. Those who heard the debate on radio thought Republican candidate Richard M.. Nixon carried the day.
14. Callaghan carried the day early in December 1976 without a single resignation.
15. Nor have corrective political and philosophical analyses carried the day.
16. The fight over Prop 102 was another example of the smaller checkbook carrying the day.
17. Teamwork and training will carry the day.
18. On this proposal, the industry may carry the day.
19. In the end the better ideas carry the day.
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20. Can the underdog carry the day?
21. In the interim, hype might carry the day, but it s a poor substitute for hope.
22. If humanitarian arguments fail to carry the day, perhaps economics and demographics might.
23. At other times her minimalist approach seems vaguely stilted, and even her immensely watchable face can't carry the day.
24. Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard, assuming they come through the first two U.S. matches unscathed, will need to carry the day.
25. But the president-elect also made it clear that when it comes to foreign policy, his voice will carry the day.
26. Observers like Mr Squali, meanwhile, predict a scramble will break out among various parties for full control of Yahoo, with Microsoft in position to carry the day.
27. Their views are more discreet but they are the ones that carry the day.
28. Experts are a dime a dozen. Experts who know how to communicate clearly and powerfully carry the day.
29. We had to prove to ourselves and to our board that we had a product to carry the day, given all the potential moves by competitors.
30. As I'm saying, if we accept this idea -which seems simply to carry the day, because who could think anything else?
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