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Asynchronous motor in a sentence

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Sentence count:54Posted:2022-09-18Updated:2022-09-18
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1. Asynchronous motor has an extensive application in manufacture.
2. Starting the three - phase asynchronous motor is important in the teaching and experiment Electrotechnology.
3. Asynchronous motor is a high-order, nonlinear and strong - coupling system of multi - variables.
4. Local compensation is mainly used on the asynchronous motor with steady load, irreversible and mass capacity, such as air blower, water pump and so on.
5. A soft starting controller of the asynchronous motor based upon STC microprocessor is proposed and the operational principle of the controller, functional block diagram are given.
6. A slip frequency control system of asynchronous motor used DSP as control center is presented, which apply to the electric tourist car.
7. The fault simulation on an asynchronous motor model in EMTDC / EMTP is carried out and compared with the experimental data of a test motor.
8. So, it's greatly significant to protect well AC asynchronous motor. "
9. YS Series three - phase asynchronous motor meets related stipulations of IEC standard.
10. The 3 - phase regulating circuit of asynchronous motor system is analyzed and simulated by MATLAB.
11. The generation of the residual voltage for asynchronous motor after AC Dump (RVACD) is analyzed, it establishes the simulation calculation model and carries out simulation calculation.
12. Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motor: Y series motor is based on the modified design of the new motor.
12. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
13. Analysis and simulation using this approach to T-II asynchronous motor show that influence of rotor circuit parameter on motor dynamics disappeared.
14. The no-load test and short-circuit test can mensurate parameters of asynchronous motor, but cant separate stator reactance from rotor reactance.
15. In 1985, M. Depenbrock proposed the Direct Torque Control ( DTC ) method of asynchronous motor.
16. FZY series is outrotor axial-flow fan with the Capaccitor - star motor or or three - phase enclosed asynchronous Motor.
17. Effective speed identification in low speed and standstill area is an important item for speed sensorless control of asynchronous motor.
18. The paper deals with improvements on traditional control circuits of the asynchronous motor.
19. The operational characteristic of beam pumping unit is introduced, beam pumping unit is running, the cause changing three-phase asynchronous motor as a generator is also analyzed in detail.
20. On the basis of qualitative analysis of the stator structure, rotor structure, winding design and start element, a single-phase asynchronous motor for railway point switch is developed.
21. In this thesis the author made a study of asynchronous motor model, designed a hybrid simulation system of DTC and analyzed the characteristics of the DTC system and the existing problems.
22. YY Series motor is single - phase capacitor running asynchronous motor, meets related stipulations of IEC standard.
23. Using the method of symmetric components and matrix, this paper analyses instantaneous power and the operation parameters concerning one-phase asynchronous motor in dynamic state.
24. This article is the technical summarization that we developed over past two years phase-locked velocity servo loop for three-phase asynchronous motor that drives gas-dynamic free-rotor gyroscope.
25. After analysing the three existing overmodulation strategies, this paper perfects the overmodulation strategies and builds the overmodulation model of asynchronous motor vector control system.
26. We use PLC to achieve the commencement of three - phase asynchronous motor control.
27. Affected by electromagnetism and structure, the rotor shaft of big length to diameter ratio high power density asynchronous motor shows low intensity and bad rigidity.
28. By instance confirmed the method validity and has comprehensive promoting and using value in asynchronous motor energy saving aspect in industrial and mining establishments.
29. A new method controlling the speed of a motor by using the rotor frequency of a wound-rotor asynchronous motor is introduced.
30. The utility model can be used in all squirrel cage type asynchronous motors, particularly suitable for vehicle squirrel cage type asynchronous motor.
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