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Anticancer in a sentence

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Sentence count:84Posted:2018-08-29Updated:2018-08-29
Similar words: antibiotic resistancepancreatic cancertesticular cancerfranticallyromanticallysemanticallyantitheticalinsurance certificateMeaning: adj. used in the treatment of cancer. 
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1. Those anticancer drugs are effective, but also destructive to white blood cells.
2. Tests of anti-cancer drugs are to go ahead this year.
3. Paclitaxel's anti-cancer properties were discovered in the late Sixties, as part of a programme sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.
4. Without vivisection many of the recent anti-cancer advanced simply would not have been made.
5. The search for anti-cancer drugs, for example, usually involves trials of chemical compounds on human tumour cells.
6. Other high-risk patients are those undergoing therapy with immunosuppressive agents, anti-cancer drugs and steroids.
7. These provide expanded capacity for platinum anti-cancer drugs and specialised organic pharmaceutical products.
8. AIM To study the anticancer mechanisms of elemene.
9. Anticancer drugs may cause a decrease in platelets.
10. The anticancer effect of ethanol - ether extract of Spirobolus bungii Brandt has beenmedically proved with screening experiements.
11. ObjectiveTo study the anticancer effects of different solvent extracts from Alocasia macrorrhiza in vitro.
12. The mechanisms of anticancer and the methods for preparation L - canavanine are specifically described.
13. Monoclonal antibody a hotspot in anticancer drugs again and displayed a brilliant prospect in market.
14. Oxaliplatin is a new anticancer drug that has good inhibitive effect on cancers.
15. Municipal Anticancer Association, the forum organized by the Committee on Professional cancer.
16. CONCLUSIONS N - CWS is inlmunotllerapeutic drug with anticancer properties.
17. The anticancer mechanism of nitrosoureas is very similar to the carcinogenic mechanism, both of them can alkylate DNA bases and form DNA cross-linking further.
18. The hospital subsequently discovered that her death was the result of a massive overdose of a powerful anticancer drug.
18. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
19. Selaginella doederleinii is one of the species of plants for medicinal use of Selaginella, which has been used as the traditional medicine, especially as anticancer medicine.
20. Subject_Topical_Eng: Microbionmics; Immunology of Oncosis; Chinese and Western Medicine Combination; Biologic Anticancer Medicine; Lipid Anticancer Medicine; Pathobiology.
21. Method Cellular proliferation were studied by isotope labeling technique, and the concentrations of intracellular anticancer drugs were measured by fluorospectrophotometry.
22. Thioribose and deoxy- thioribose is one type of important pharmaceutical intermediates. They are widely used in the synthesis of anticancer, antibacterial and antiviral medicines.
23. Mabs are typically administered intravenously, are generally well tolerated and can have powerful anticancer activity.
24. High purity of solanesol is an important intermediate material of medicine. It can be applied to synthesize coenzyme Q_(10) Vitanmine K_2 and anticancer medicine etc.
25. Could Lung Cancer Patients without Accurate Pathological Diagnosis Get the Anticancer Treatment?
26. Aim To investigate the cytotoxic activity of HDAC inhibitor Trichostatin A (TSA)combined with anticancer drugs targeting DNA on T24 bladder cancer cell line.
27. The anthraquinone derivatives shown the obvious structure-function relationship in many respects, such as antioxygenation , antibiosis, anticancer, the influence of immunity and so on.
28. Paris L is a class of plant with variety of medicine value , which have ability of detoxication, analgesia, antibiosis, anticancer et al. It is the major material of many prepared Chinese medicines.
29. Results Radix Isatidis has the functions of antibacterial, anti-virus, antiendotoxin, anti-immunity, anticancer and to suppress monoaminoxidase and so on.
30. In recent years, studies show it is effective in antioxidant, anticancer and decreasingpressure.
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