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Angiosperm in a sentence

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Similar words: angiogramangioplastyradio spectrumgymnospermbiospheregospelprosperhang inMeaning: n. plants having seeds in a closed ovary. 
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1 Angiosperms are usually tiny, growing in isolated clusters and nowhere forming the bulk of the cover.
2 What recorded them were embryos of angiosperm and gymnosperm.
3 Both species occured on rotten angiosperm wood, and caused a white rot.
4 In this longitudinal section of a dicot angiosperm stem, name the structure indicated by 'X'.
5 Most angiosperm ovules possess two integuments, while gymnosperms usually have only one.
6 Placentation The position of the ovulebearing placentae in angiosperm seeds. Placentation varies according to whether there are one or many carpels.
7 Other angiosperm cultures based on totipotent cells could be adapted to similar ends.
8 What type of angiosperm do these leaf cross - sections represent?
9 The hamamelidaceae also is angiosperm ancient and the complex branch.
10 Heteranthery exists in several angiosperm families, such as Melastomataceae, Solanaceae, Lythraceae, Leguminosae and Pontederiaceae, but the aspects and extent of differentiation often vary in taxa.
11 The cuticular microstructures of four angiosperm fossil plants from the Pliocene Mangbang Formation and the Yangyi Formation in Baoshan,( Yunnan Province were studied in this paper.
12 There was, of course, a considerable overlap between the gymnosperms and angiosperms.
13 The southernmost has the densest vegetation, the most complete cover, and the widest variety of both angiosperms and plant communities.
14 Cytokinesis of microspore mother cells during meiosis was simultaneous type, and pollen grains were 2-cell, it suggested that the Dioscoreaceae was rather primitive in Angiosperm.
15 Aconitium plants are a group of important poisonous plants in the Ranunculaceae family of Angiosperm subphylum, and one of the earliest recorded poisonous plants in China as well.
16 The life cycle of maize is that of a typical angiosperm.
17 General believing, the multi - carpel wooden orchid aceae plant is the angiosperm most primitive class group.
18 Chalaza ( pl . chalaxae or chalazas ) The region of an angiosperm ovule where the nucellus and integuments merge.
19 This latter statement finds support in contemporary works on angiosperm embryology.
20 Investigated the Huhhot 12 main road green space plant landscape present situation, The path afforests the tree seed to have 27 kinds, in which gymnosperm 5 kinds, the angiosperm 22 kinds.
21 It has also been found that the gymnosperm plants have few copies of CHS gene in a particular nuclear genome, but copy number varies greatly in the angiosperm plants.
22 Funicle ( funiculus ) The stalk attaching the ovule ( later the seed ) to the placenta angiosperm ovaries.
23 Micromorphology also provided valuable information for the taxonomy of angiosperm classification.
24 The flavonoids in 50 plants of 32 families of Pteridophyta?Gymnospermee and Angiosperm were listed. This work could provide the evidences of developing clinic function and plant division.
25 Guangdong flora became more complex and multiplex from the beginning of Tertiary. The angiosperm developed in mass and dominated instead of gymnosperm.
26 Funicle ( funiculus ) The stalk attaching the ovule ( later the seed ) to the placenta in angiosperm ovaries.
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