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Wetting in a sentence

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Sentence count:89Posted:2017-10-06Updated:2017-10-06
Similar words: gettinglettingsettingvettingnettingpettingSettingsfrettingMeaning: [wet] n. 1. the act of making something wet 2. a euphemism for urination. 
1. He'll soon grow out of wetting the bed.
2. A heavy monsoon shower began, wetting us through, and we both started to laugh.
3. Be understanding if he or she suddenly starts wetting the bed or crying for attention following a bad dream in the night.
4. Wetting the toothbrush before you put the toothpaste on makes the bristles softer.
5. At the extreme, he might even begin wetting or defecating in bed.
6. It's real embarrassing to wet yourself. hate wetting myself like a baby.
7. Amongst these are contact lens wetting solutions, comfort drops and artificial tears, which, perhaps surprisingly, have similar compositions.
8. There is also a connection between day wetting and urinary infections.
9. She looked at Hitch and smiled thinly, wetting her lips slightly with the tip of her tongue.
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10. Wetting her fingertips, Vron plucked at the pages.
11. Constant wetting makes nails soft and opaque, and chemical detergents and varnish removers decrease levels of moisture in the nail.
12. Wood can be glued very well by wetting it with water which is subsequently frozen.
13. Being self-adhesive it only needs wetting and sticking on.
14. Biosurfactants are used for emulsification, increasing detergency, wetting and phase dispersion, as well as for solubilization.
15. The properties of the product such as wetting, dispersion, detergency and emulsifying were improved.
16. Traditional wetting agent often leads to defects in vitrified abrasive wheel.
17. In the alternation of wetting - dry sulfate corrosion environment, the Portland cement concrete is not suitably used.
18. The wetting character of wolframite is anisotropic.
19. That is supposed to be the sprinkler system for wetting down the dust.
20. In Westport, a 3-year-old boy was beaten to death after wetting his pants, authorities allege.
21. It can even be buried in the ground to prevent wetting the soil surface and encouraging weeds.
22. She had to work in that awful place and get nits and steal and be beaten for wetting the bed.
23. The effect is generally noted in the first week when a gradual reduction in the frequency of wetting is noted.
24. But after his parents went through an acrimonious divorce, he started wetting it again.
25. Also the battery needs to be checked regularly especially if the child is wetting frequently.
26. The use of fluxes with different activities affects the solderability and wetting balance of Pd coating.
27. If you notice any of these signs, cool your dog immediately by thoroughly wetting him with cold water and getting him into the shade or an air-conditioned area.
28. Vitamin C tablets were manufactured with the solution of entericacrylic acid resin as wetting agent in granulation and tabletting.
29. The blade has the advantages of little affinity to steel material, good cutting and wetting performance and little friction with processed material, so as to prolong the service life thereof.
30. He went head first into the river and got a thorough wetting.
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