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Netting in a sentence

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Sentence count:95+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-06-04Updated:2017-06-04
Similar words: lettingsettingvettingforgettingupsettingtypesettingprettinesscuttingMeaning: ['netɪŋ] n. 1. a net of transparent fabric with a loose open weave 2. creating nets. 
1. The bird got entangled in the wire netting.
2. The bird had become entangled in the wire netting.
3. Two skiers were injured by safety netting that was too close to the course.
4. They took to the water intent on netting the £250,000 reward offered for conclusive proof of the monster's existence.
5. I'm hacking the soft for netting.
6. I was netting around $64,000 a year.
7. He secured a dramatic victory for England by netting the ball half a minute before the end of the game.
8. I saw a truck, heavily camouflaged with netting and branches.
9. Peg down netting over the top to keep out leaves.
10. A mosquito - netting completely surrounds our bed.
11. The bird had to be extricated from the netting.
12. The caravan was heavily camouflaged with netting and branches from trees.
13. Suitable netting is available from garden centres as well as by mail order.
14. Ideally the netting team should consist of three people.
15. You can also use a circle of wire netting, shaped like a mound, to cover the top of the container.
16. Two hundred tickets were sold for Sunday afternoon,[] netting the troupe a total of $ 100.
17. Sleep with your shoes inside your mosquito netting.
18. The crab traps are covered in wire netting.
19. Netting is likely to be made from either polypropylene or polythene.
20. Mosquito netting: inner door flaps can be unzipped independently from the net.
21. Sling a piece of garden netting across the pond to keep out leaves which will sour the water.
22. Uncle Michael on a metal bed, cocooned in a fold of army blanket under mosquito netting, drawing ragged breaths.
23. Above Tabitha and Marco the Twins hung from the cables in elegant nautical positions, feet braced in the netting.
24. The style was different to ours: they'd used mild steel netting instead of high-tensile wires.
25. Then, in the 71st minute, he took the ball clear of keeper Ludek Miklosko before netting again.
26. It blows debris into the net and it tightens the net rather like wire netting and decreases its catching power.
27. Clips for fixing and joining the nets are available from some cage and netting manufacturers.
28. Therefore I firmly believe that there is a place for netting on into the future.
29. You can really only make your decision to go netting in a particular area that same day.
30. Donna got a raise in February, but she's still only netting $19,000 a year.
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