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Typesetting in a sentence

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Sentence count:61Posted:2017-05-25Updated:2017-05-25
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1. Part of the building was dedicated to computer typesetting.
2. The processing required to convert the typesetting format to a usable format was essentially iterative and needed to be performed with care.
3. One advantage of computerized typesetting was the speed with which it could be learned.
4. True, the actual business of typesetting has been lost by printers to desk-top publishers.
5. If this fault occurs during typesetting it should have been eliminated at the proof reading stage.
6. Typesetting software would expect to offer at least half-point setting increments and tenth-point line spacing.
7. The first step in processing the typesetting tape was to find the mapping between the typesetting codes and the special characters.
8. Plain paper typesetting is a term that crops up now and again in conjunction with desktop publishing.
9. An initial estimate was made of the typesetting combination responsible for the character.
10. Printers and typesetting houses have been embracing new methods for the last 15 years or so and now rely entirely upon them.
11. Linotype: A mechanical typesetting machine manufactured by Linotype.
12. Finally,[] the automatic typesetting of test paper is realized.
13. Also used as a unit for counting typesetting speed ( so many ens per hour ).
14. Literal error : Spelling mistake introduced in typesetting.
15. High quality Chinese character generator and typesetting controller: An unique data compression technique of representating Chinese characters with very high quality has been successfully developed.
16. But also when it comes to typesetting mathematical equations of any complexity, LaTeX is still unrivaled.
17. The infelicitous typesetting was due to illegible copy.
18. In typesetting, a point system of measurement equivalent to twelve points or 4.217 mm.
19. On the rare occasion where we need the additional quality of typesetting the only thing we need to take are the disks.
20. Eventually the price of such devices will fall and PostScript recorders will become the norm - just as they have with typesetting.
21. A company called Southwark Offset, in London, did the typesetting.
22. But, for the next step, we need to move to typesetting.
23. Currently graphics screens reproduce 60 to 100dpi, most page printers work at 300dpi and typesetting systems operate at 1,000dpi and above.
24. If you need increased quality in terms of output resolution it is vital to look for products that will connect to true typesetting equipment.
25. They are quiet and clean, fit on a desk top and will soon match the quality of print produced by typesetting.
26. Broadly speaking, the printing process falls into two stages, typesetting and printing.
27. Desktop publishing, for example, is fundamentally not different from computer typesetting, which dates back to the mid 1960's at least.
28. End-of-line decisions: Decisions on hyphenation or justification MADE either by the operator or automatically by the typesetting system.
29. In manual typsetting, a compositor will usually have an upper and lower typesetting case.
30. Mode: Way , manner , in which thing is done. For examples: operation mode; typesetting mode, etc.
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