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Petting in a sentence

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Sentence count:51Posted:2017-08-10Updated:2017-08-10
Similar words: pettinessgettinglettingsettingvettingnettingfrettingforgettingMeaning: [pet] n. affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs). 
1. The dog wouldn't bite you for just petting her. You must have provoked her.
2. Gentle petting made him sit down and close his eyes.
3. Hers had been the generation of petting.
4. She hadn't enjoyed the heavy petting that her peers took for granted.
5. P'raps he just wants a bit of mutual petting.
6. I sat back in the chair, petting a new friend.
7. Necking, petting, become gratifying enough pastimes and I am lucky with the boys in my life.
8. The younger men were cynically attentive, petting their carefully trimmed beards inspired by Edison Banks.
9. Are they about kissing, petting or going the whole hog, as one might say?
10. Same : Ok, thanks and enjoy petting your dogs!
10. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
11. The liver was costal margin. There was slight petting edema over Both legs.
12. Petting your dog or watching your fish swim around can make you feel very peaceful.
13. I told you not to keep that petting zoo around...
14. I ran to my favorite section : the petting section and started petting a sea slug.
15. The animals escaped from a small petting zoo in the east of the capital and appeared shortly before 7 a. m. (0500 GMT) at a busy roundabout a few hundred meters (yards) away, police said.
16. I just want to go to the petting zoo and play with some pretty little lambs.
17. Have you ever been to a petting zoo?
18. Necking & petting can progress into something else.
19. My grandma's hands are petting her cat. Pet, pet, pet.
20. What am I supposed to do with that petting zoo out there?
21. Dogs enjoy heavy petting in public.
22. I was eating breakfast with one hand, petting my cat, Cow, with the other, and reading the back of the cereal box, when—“YOUCH!”
23. She was holding the cat in her arms and petting it tenderly.
24. The student had formed a relationship with the rabbits she could reach and accompanied their feeding with petting and talking to them.
25. Its the underhand way you went about the heavy petting and damp carry-on, Douglas.
26. Nemo: Dad, you're not gonna freak out like you did at the petting zoo, are you?
27. The whole creepy Peter Pan theme of Neverland - petting zoo, amusement park, video game arcade, soda fountains - was like a pedophile's paradise.
28. Maybe she'd grown tired of feeding him or accidentally petting those tumorous lumps that old dogs get.
29. One day, this individual had the responsibility of taking care of a small petting zoo nearby while the owner was out of town.
30. Yeah, I even brought some goat food for the petting zoo.
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