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Fur in a sentence

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Synonym: hidepeltskinSimilar words: furniturefurthermoreMeaning: [fɜr /fɜː] n. 1. the dressed hairy coat of a mammal 2. dense coat of fine silky hairs on mammals (e.g., cat or seal or weasel) 3. a garment made of the dressed hairy coat of a mammal. 
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(1) The fur trade now exceeded timber in importance .
(2) This creature's fur is short, dense and silky.
(3) Our cat has glossy black fur.
(4) Now it's time to store away your fur coats for the summer.
(5) In lapping up a fur, they always put the inner side outwards.
(6) A baby monkey clasps its mother's fur tightly.
(7) She was flaunting her new fur coat.
(8) She stroked the rabbit's soft fur.
(9) Cats are covered with soft fur.
(10) This fur coat is a bit expensive, but you get your money's worth.
(11) The cat purred as I stroked its fur.
(12) The white fur of the polar bear is a natural camouflage.
(13) Wearing fur has become deeply unfashionable.
(14) The cat's fur was matted with blood.
(15) Few substances can equal fur as an insulator.
(16) How can you reconcile your fur coat and/with your love of animals?
(17) Fur coats have gone out of fashion.
(18) The dog's fur was caked in blood when we found him.
(19) He threw paint over the fur coats because he wanted to make a statement about cruelty to animals.
(20) The cat's fur bristled and it arched its back.
(21) A cat's fur is soft to the touch.
(22) The cat carefully licked its fur.
(23) She believes that killing animals for food or fur is completely immoral.
(24) His wife charmed him into buying her a fur coat.
(25) The animal's thick fur provides very good insulation against the arctic cold.
(26) A sable is a small animal with beautiful dark fur.
(27) Cats make him sneeze - I think he's allergic to the fur.
(28) Hip-hop, cowboy wind, and the wind wind wind, occupation, fur, all-match, hippie, ladies fashion, Korean, Japanese, what is it Fashion is the urban special logo, is a city in the vast city of special psychological needs.
(29) My conscience would really trouble me if I wore a fur coat.
(30) Mrs Brown wrapped the thinly clad man in her fur coat.
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