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Upsetting in a sentence

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Sentence count:111+4 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-05-07Updated:2017-05-07
Similar words: settingupsetlettingvettingforgettingprettinessunsettlingputtingMeaning: [ʌp'set] adj. causing an emotional disturbance. 
1, She finds a perverse pleasure in upsetting her parents.
2, He's really angry at/with me for upsetting Sophie.
3, Her father scolded her for upsetting her mother.
4, If you persist in upsetting her, I will have to punish you.
5, We risk upsetting the ecological balance of the area.
6, "There you go again, upsetting the child!" said Shirley.
7, There would be no logic in upsetting the agreements.
8, I'm a bit unsettled tonight. This war thing's upsetting me.
9, The argument was upsetting for us all - I don't want to talk about it.
10, The European members are afraid of upsetting the delicate balance of political interests.
11, He seems intent on upsetting everyone in the room!
12, Childhood illness can be upsetting for children and parents alike.
13, It is upsetting to discover that you have backed a loser.
14, She finds the divorce too upsetting to talk about.
15, I grant that it must have been upsetting but even so I think she made a bit of a fuss.
16, She stood up suddenly,[] upsetting a glass of wine.
17, She was afraid of upsetting her parents.
18, He has a positive genius for upsetting people.
19, He had blundered into the table, upsetting the flowers.
20, He was mortally afraid of upsetting her.
21, It seems I've only succeeded in upsetting you.
22, Seeing her again would be an upsetting experience after so many years.
23, The arguments were upsetting, but they gave them a burning desire to win - to prove officialdom wrong.
24, I didn't mention it because I was afraid of upsetting him/afraid I might upset him.
25, I didn't tell her because I was afraid of upsetting her.
26, Stop playing fast and loose with that girl's feelings can't you see you're upsetting her?
27, Billingham's pictures have a gritty realism which can be almost upsetting.
28, I will never see him again and that is a terribly upsetting thought.
29, At last he whispered with great embarrassment that what was upsetting him was a word that he had heard.
30, She sometimes felt she was walking a tightrope, wanting to be friendly with Therese, and yet terrified of upsetting Karl.
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