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Supernova in a sentence

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Similar words: novarenovateturn overturnoverrenovationinnovativeinnovationgovernorMeaning: n. a star that explodes and becomes extremely luminous in the process. 
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1. A supernova sprays space with many different elements.
2. The chances of a planet surviving a supernova always looked terribly slim.
3. At least one supernova occurs per decade in our galaxy.
4. Another theory suggests that a supernova explosion occurred, destroying the companion sun and scattering its material toward our Sun.
5. These are colossal outbursts: at its peak a supernova may become at least fifteen million times as luminous as the Sun.
6. By distorting them, supernova explosions may lead to the shredding of otherwise stable clouds by the tidal field of the nucleus.
7. Some of the supernova debris has recently been found in meteorites.
8. SuperNova 3.1 includes new database interfaces and Unix System Labs' Tuxedo transaction processing monitor.
9. The supernova is located 163,000 light - years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
10. Most scientists agree a Type 1a supernova occurs when a white dwarf star -- a collapsed remnant of an elderly star -- exceeds its weight limit, becomes unstable and explodes.
11. A supernova is the last stage of stellar evolution, and is a violent astrophysical phenomena.
12. Since Johannes Kepler's supernova was spotted in 1604, astronomershaven't witnessed one in our own galaxy.
13. OK, then find, the rings of Supernova 1987A, the Eskimo Nebula, the Crab Nebula, Thor's Helmut, the Carhwheel Galaxy, and the Ant Nebula.
14. The supernova was named after the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe, who was one of the people who observed and recorded the supernova when it first appeared in the sky in November 1572.
15. A centuries-old supernova remnant, its rose-tinted shock wave blasting outward at more than 11 million miles an hour, hangs in the Large Magellanic Cloud like an iridescent holiday ornament.
16. The supernova explosion disrupts the binary.
17. The faint-object camera has also been looking at the remnants of the supernova which excited astronomers in 1987.
17. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
18. Scientists are concerned that a special event, such as a sunspot or supernova might occur during this long period of communications blackout.
19. Modern detectors which should be capable of detecting the gravitational waves from a supernova collapse in our Galaxy are described.
20. So far, no one has found a possible candidate for the supernova that might have represented the Star of Bethlehem.
21. Susan Storm: Johnny , you were at 4,000 Kelvin . Any hotter, and you are approaching supernova.
22. Three of these four objects have possible, but unproved, associations with young supernova remnants.
23. These sources are generally viewed in projection against radio nebulae representing the remnants of supernova outbursts.
24. By 2011 debris in the center of the ring, which is about a light-year in diameter, was blazing more intensely as the supernova entered a new stage of stellar demise.
25. The red circle in the upper left part of this image is SN 1572, often called "Tycho's Supernova" for Renaissance astronomer Tycho Brahe.
26. Because in the roiling cauldron of activity that galaxy formation, some stars go supernova.
27. It should also help to determine whether most of the dust in the supernova remnant came from the massive star before it exploded, or from the rapidly expanding supernova ejecta.
28. Energy radiation produced by mass defect can be used to explain some astronomical astronomical phenomena such as the eruption of supernova.
29. A needle dust as the model of the intergalactic dust is emploied, which is used to explain the reason why the supernova light tracks intergalactic space do not redden obviously.
30. Does a red giant wake up one morning and suddenly just decide to go supernova?
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