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Standardize in a sentence

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Synonym: standardiseSimilar words: standardstandard-bearerstandard of livingjeopardizestand a chancesubsidizesubsidizedaggrandizeMeaning: ['stændə(r)daɪz] v. 1. cause to conform to standard or norm 2. evaluate by comparing with a standard. 
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1 Attempts to standardize English spelling have never been successful.
2 We standardize parts such as rear-view mirrors, so that one type will fit any model of car we make.
3 He understands that the government can not efficiently standardize an industry that literally changes by the minute.
4 The committee hopes to standardize school curriculum and teaching techniques.
5 Slove all users'application problems timely and standardize system operation.
6 In order to standardize the counting for imports and exports, especially for that of rare metals, it introduces China nonferrous metals assorting.
7 We need to regulate and standardize accounting firms and other intermediary service organizations.
8 In order to standardize the accounting of long-lived assets in practice, FASB and IASB issued related standards in 1995 and 1998 respectively.
9 One of the biggest reasons to standardize consistently UID and GID numbers across all servers is so that you can move to a central authentication system, such as LDAP.
10 There's a lot you can't standardize and stick into an electronic format, " said Ms. Yokota, who has lectured on how to decide when a child's book is best suited for digital or print format.
11 Standardize the product cost structure and cost reduction.
12 Prepare and standardize the validation procedures and documents for equipment and system.
13 Objective To standardize each cultivation sector even whole cultivating course of Desmodium styracifolium ( Osb . ) Merr.
14 It is important to standardize nurses'practice of the informed consent procedure on patients with schizophrenia.
15 The third step is to standardize the signal, which can standardize the sampling point number and the size of different product forms.
16 Objective:In order to standardize plantation and get bumper crops Cultivation technique of Prunella vulgaris.
17 Fourth, we will work to ratify and standardize the real estate market.
18 We will continue working to improve and standardize market order.
19 As the world becomes more complex, some things do, of course, standardize and globalize.
20 One of the mistakes of the twentieth century was to standardize reward systems in terms of salaries.
21 The impending changes arise from a worldwide desire to streamline and standardize international trading procedures.
22 Google hired a new vice president of financial planning and analysis, Francois Delepine,[] who sought to standardize and more tightly manage the budget process.
23 We are now mostly HTML, web site, if you want them to standardize a revised manual is very troublesome one.
24 Chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) is one of the important pelagic fishery resources in the China's coastal waters. It is needed to standardize the catch per unit effort (CPUE) in the stock assessment.
25 Nowadays there are adequate conditions for the combination, which will save tax collection cost, improve transfer payment system and standardize the power of tax collection.
26 With the theoretical progress in the study of terminology, translating terms from the terminological point of view provides a well-grounded platform to unify and standardize terms.
27 Online auto - testing can improve the efficiency, reduce artificial transmutation and standardize the testing methods.
28 Cervical smear recognition system bases on neural network is designed and developed. The system can be used to merge, classify and standardize files of the cell feature parameters automatically.
29 Method Make use of statistics and management science at go on standardize on the locale evaluation.
30 Based on the submarine missile launcher's operational requirements and improving the level of standardize, communalize, serialize and modularize, discussed the problem of common frame launcher.
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