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Inconstant in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-04-04Updated:2017-04-04
Similar words: constantconstantlyconstancyinstantaneousinstantinstantlyconstableconcomitantMeaning: ['ɪn'kɑnstənt /-kɒn-] adj. likely to change frequently often without apparent or cogent reason; variable. random good picture
1. Work for children was equally inconstant and low paid.
2. All things are inconstant except the faith in the soul, which changes all things and fills their inconstancy with light. James Joyce 
3. The principles apply equally to inconstant traits, but are more clumsy to express.
4. But this is one pledge I hope an inconstant Clinton will keep.
5. The characteristics of inconstant flow arisen by daily regulation of power station are summarized.
6. Confronted with the inconstant market competition,[] weaknesses in business management are exposed.
7. Modern character is inconstant, divided, vacillating.
8. Well, my friend, fortune is inconstant, as the chaplain of the regiment said.
9. Spiking: Inconstant surges in power on an electrical power line causing interference with sensitive electronic equipment.
10. Youth, transient and inconstant, will bring me loneliness.
11. But so inconstant is human fate that congratulations and condolences often go hand in hand.
12. Two inconstant phenomena arise in the development of China: the state's politicalization and the society's economization.
13. Inconstant surges in power on an electrical power line causing interference with sensitive electronic equipment.
14. Life is a dream a little less inconstant.
15. Therefore the genre of Troilus and Cressida is as inconstant as the characters it describes.
16. Time passed faster in the warp than in the real universe, but was also inconstant,[] unpredictable.
17. Derry's achilles heel so far in the current campaign has been a lacklustre, inconstant midfield.
18. But now, the gap is shrinking, and China's aniline market has become complicated and inconstant.
19. There is no mainstream, one thing we can feel is dazzling and inconstant changes.
20. All the diverse sciences , technologies, and schools of theurgies are inconstant Dao that create integrated matters.
21. The well testing response of laminated heterogeneous geological model, linear fault model, inconstant deliverability model and composite model is calculated respectively.
22. "Nature is mixture of opposites. It is beautiful and dangerous, constant and inconstant, vulnerable and strong. " — Muhammad bin Muharram.
23. An analysis mathematical model of well testing is proposed for inconstant flow rate with the closed outer boundary and the wellborn storage and the skin effects.
24. No , lord And why is that? Sensual pleasures are inconstant, hollow, false, deceptive by nature.
25. All these are the contents of the education of inconstant Dao.
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