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Brevity in a sentence

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Synonym: briefnessconcisenessshortnessAntonym: complexitySimilar words: abbreviatelevityabbreviationreviewinevitableinevitablylevitationrevivedMeaning: ['brevətɪ] n. 1. the use of brief expressions 2. the attribute of being brief or fleeting. 
1. Brevity is the soul of wit. 
2. His essays are models of clarity and brevity.
3. The brevity of the concert disappointed the audience.
4. Charles Dickens was not known for his brevity.
5. In her writing, clarity is sometimes sacrificed to brevity.
6. Brevity is the soul of English.
7. For the sake of brevity, I'd like to make just two points.
8. Owing to the brevity of the speeches, we finished early.
9. He is famous for the brevity of his speeches.
10. Letters published in the newspaper are edited for brevity and clarity.
11. The bonus of this homely soup is the brevity of its cooking time.
12. Brevity is, in almost everything, a virtue.
13. The report is a masterpiece of brevity.
14. The Cadbury report is a masterpiece of brevity, but its full scope and implications are just beginning to be realised.
15. Its brevity, awkward composition and lukewarm style of its writing stemmed from the Committee's revisions.
16. We reserve the right to edit for brevity and clarity, while keeping the individual tone intact.
17. Features of this sequence are brevity and variety.
18. In either case we violate the maxim of brevity.
19. For brevity it is worth using these little symbols which are easy to learn.
20. Fans were disappointed by the brevity of the concert.
21. Due to the brevity of this period a neurone can send action potentials at a rate of up to 1000 per second.
22. The speech was widely praised for its brevity.
23. Brevity was always Britten's motto[], as well as Verdi's.
24. This principle of preservation I have called, for the sake of brevity, Natural Selection.
25. I trust that the reader will therefore forgive the brevity of this survey.
26. Most surprising is that such force gets evoked in such brevity of prose.
26. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
27. The book is written almost in note form which, I think, accounts both for its brevity and clarity.
28. The form of canons is important, especially if we want to avoid brevity.
29. The tendency for earlier generations to lean so heavily on providence had been connected with the brevity and insecurity of life.
30. Children like poetry because they are sensitive to rhythm and music and are attracted by its brevity and directness.
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