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Clemency in a sentence

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Sentence count:53Posted:2017-02-09Updated:2017-02-09
Synonym: compassionleniencemercymildnesspitysympathySimilar words: clementinclementcommencementelementelementsemergencyimplementelementaryMeaning: ['klemənsɪ] n. 1. good weather with comfortable temperatures 2. leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice. 
1, She was granted clemency after killing her violent husband.
2, He appealed to the judge for clemency.
3, Mr Harris had applied for a clemency hearing before the governor, Mr George Deukmejian.
4, Wilson is the only one who can grant clemency.
5, His clemency had earned him the regard of the West and would, surely, last until Twelfth Night.
6, In denying him clemency last Friday, Gov.
7, The dead policeman's daughter has begged for clemency.
8, Ms. Aris was granted clemency after serving 10 years for killing her abusive husband.
9, There was no recommendations for clemency in the case and none is here recommended.
10, He battles to find cause for clemency, defying the political establishment, which wants Cindy executed.
11, McCord, now 23, was granted clemency last week after U. S. Rep.
12, You can enter an appeal for clemency, of course.
13, Two requests for clemency in one day!
14, Wilson rejected a request for clemency that would have given him life without parole.
15, Wilson denied him clemency and two judges rejected his arguments.
16, Bonin still has an appeal for clemency before Gov.
17, Even clemency can go only so far.
18, Seventeen prisoners held on death row are to be executed after their pleas for clemency were turned down.
19, The jury passed a verdict of guilty[], with an appeal to the judge for clemency.
20, His lawyers said he had asked to be allowed to stay out of prison pending a clemency ruling by President Wahid.
21, Juries have long stretched notions of self-defense or extended implicit clemency to recognize mitigating factors such as provocation and histories of abuse.
22, McVeigh had one month after his execution date was set to file a clemency petition.
23, L.. Douglas Wilder, ruling the punishment did not fit the crime,( granted Iverson conditional clemency and freed him.
24, He enrolled in a private school but as a condition of his clemency was not permitted to participate in athletics.
25, That was the day Clinton, racing the clock, considered clemency for Rich and 175 others.
26, She would have remained in prison until at least 2000 without the clemency.
27, Wilson said last week as he denied Williams' petition for clemency.
28, The death sentences attracted widespread international criticism, and several government leaders made appeals for clemency.
29, Presidents Truman and Kennedy, for instance, each granted more than 40 percent of all clemency requests.
30, He might have discussed it with his staff and opposed clemency for the fugitive businessman.
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