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Construct in a sentence

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Synonym: buildcreateformmakemanufactureAntonym: demolishdestroyruinsmashSimilar words: constructionconstructinginstructinstructorinstructioninstructionalstructurestructuralMeaning: [kən'strʌkt] n. an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances. v. 1. make by combining materials and parts 2. put together out of components or parts 3. draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions 4. create by linking linguistic units 5. create by organizing and linking ideas, arguments, or concepts 6. reassemble mentally. 
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1. Use your protractor to construct an equilateral triangle.
2. Students need the ability to construct a logical argument.
3. There are plans to construct a new road bridge across the river.
4. To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life. W. Somerset Maugham 
5. Let's construct a square on this line.
6. It's difficult to construct a narrative out of a series of fast-moving events.
7. The data will enable us to construct a profile of the firm's customers.
8. Police officers are trying to construct the timescale of events leading up to the murder.
9. Now they can construct tunnel systems without hindrance.
10. It is proverbially easier to destroy than to construct.
11. You must learn how to construct a logical argument.
12. Tutors can construct tests appropriate to individual students' needs.
13. Construct a square with sides of 5cm.
14. Any attempt to construct an ideal society is foredoomed to failure.
15. There they construct a small royal cell.
16. Construct a square with 2-inch-long sides.
17. Through actions like these, children discover and construct their knowledge of sand.
18. A mental construct arising from a misapprehension of the relationship between the crofter and his land.
19. Such networks are relatively easy to construct because they require fewer nodes and interconnects than other networks.
20. Two raising gangs were working separately to construct the next two floors of the steel skeleton.
21. Construct the nonsense words to fit what you know to be the specific difficulties of the pupils.
22. His reputation as an eccentric is largely a media construct.
23. Bonny Hicks appeared to me to be the paradigmatic example of an autonomous, free-choosing individual who decided early on to construct a lifestyle congenial to her idiosyncratic sense of self-expression.
24. Eliot is here making use of the most modern anthropologically based classical scholarship in order to construct his own primitive play.
25. It is therefore reasonable to expect children who live in the same or a similar environment to construct similar physical knowledge.
25. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
26. How could quasi-independent microscopic cells collaborate to secrete a million glassy splinters and construct such an intricate and beautiful lattice?
27. It is precisely this anti-productive aspect of industrialism which is highlighted by the ethnological work construct.
28. The most recent example is an application by MacLeod Estates to construct an 80 seater restaurant and exhibition centre at Glenbrittle.
29. In recent years, the outage has been used to construct or commission major capital projects to extend the plants' capability.
30. Monotonic search is usually efficient in space, because the searcher does not have to construct each state's representation from scratch.
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